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Crafting a Branded Sound: How Music is Chosen for the World’s Favorite Brands

​Have you ever wondered how music is selected for your favorite brands? PlayNetwork’s Music Supervision team give you a peek behind the magic and madness, and shines a light on how a branded sound is developed.

Case Study: Church’s Chicken

​Church’s Chicken loves the neighborhoods they serve, and believes in the power of music to unite communities, connect people, and give guests a reason to come back to their restaurant. Learn how Church’s and PlayNetwork partnered to develop a unique, in-app music experience for Church’s Chicken customers.

Case Study: NYX Cosmetics

Learn how PlayNetwork and NYX Cosmetics partnered to create an entertainment media ecosystem that infuses NYX Professional Makeup Stores with music and digital technology.

Case Study: Starbucks

​Learn how Starbucks has enhanced their music offering by developing a first-of-its-kind music experience by partnering with PlayNetwork and Spotify.

Infographic: Advertising Networks

​In-store networks amplify your brand message outside of regular marketing channels through immersive, integrated campaigns. Engage with video, connect with samples and handouts, and extend your reach through digital and social touch points. Learn more about PlayNetwork’s three ad networks: Alpha Moms Network, Young Adults Network, and the Check Cashing Network.

Press Release: PlayNetwork Wins Four Telly Awards for Branded Entertainment Media

​PlayNetwork and their clients, Journeys and FedEx Office were selected winners in the 35th annual Telly Awards.

Brands, Consumers and the Sound Between: Nine Keys to Marketing Through and With Music

​Every day, hundreds of millions of people hear music in retail locations. That music can help marketers make connections—brands to consumers, bands to brands and brands to authenticity. In fact, it is often the most emotional content a brand can use to communicate its identity. Download this report to learn more about how music can help you build and extend your brand.

Three Ways to Enhance Loyalty Programs

​​Learn why it’s important to have loyalty programs that consistently engage customers, and three ways that branded entertainment media can make that happen.

Infographic: The Impact of Brand Storytelling

In the pursuit of deeper connections with their desired audience, brands leave behind traditional advertising and find that providing compelling branded content is what really moves consumers to be a part of their story – their brand story.

Press Release: PlayNetwork Expands Globally with Announcement of Hong Kong Office

​PlayNetwork expands its global reach with the announcement of its new Hong Kong office. PlayNetwork’s new Hong Kong office, located in Causeway Bay, will expand services for clients throughout the Asia Pacific region.

Case Study:  Nordstrom

​Check out how Nordstrom creates the ultimate wedding party with help from Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, and view the spot here.

Press Release:  PlayNetwork Announces Media Program for Levi’s Retailers

PlayNetwork provides music programming and media systems to 1500 Levi’s stores worldwide. Read about how we worked with Levi’s to create a sound that connects the brand with the customers.

Infographic: How Music Can Change the Retail Environment

Product Sheet:  CURIOPlayer

​CURIOPlayer is PlayNetwork’s family of media hardware that deploys content through local storage in a compact device. It allows for control of content playback from a browser-based web app that can be accessed from most internet connected devices such as computers, tablets, and smart phones.

Case Study:  UNIQLO

​Find out how dynamic in-store A/V systems experiences transformed key UNIQLO locations around the globe.

Video: Further: The Art and Soul of Music Discovery

​Our mini-documentary on music discovery, curation, retail, and the marriage of brand identity with song - straight from our music supervisors in the U.S. and abroad.

Case Study:  FedEx Office

Discover how a spectrum of music and media solutions helped invigorate the FedEx Office brand and customers.

Product Sheet:  BrandRadio

Connect with your audience through branded music across devices with 100% share of voice, no third-party app requirement, and no large media buys.

Licensing Guide

​This is your need-to-know guide for enhancing your business setting with music. Even if you haven’t received a letter from ASCAP, a visit from BMI, or a phone call from SESAC, being proactive about music licensing for your business can not only keep you from legal ramifications and fines, but also save you large amounts of money on a monthly basis.

​In this 15 page guide you’ll learn:

  • Why is business licensing different than consumer licensing?
  • Where does the money go?
  • What are the different types of licenses required?
  • Who do the rules apply to?
  • What happens if I don’t have proper licensing?
  • What can I do to ensure my music is properly licensed?
  • And more

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Case Study:  Marc Jacobs

​Learn how New York-based Marc Jacobs communicates their branded sound to international audiences through music licensing.

Product Sheet:  CURIO

​CURIO is PlayNetwork’s content delivery platform that enables branded music and messaging to be distributed in-store, on-device, and on the web.

Press Release:  PlayNetwork Named as Samsung’s ProAV Integrator of the Year

​Samsung and PlayNetwork collaborated on numerous high-profile projects in many industries that rely on creating exceptional customer environments, including casual dining, retail apparel, hospitality and more.

Product Sheet:  NowPlaying

​Learn more about our interactive music discovery web app that engages with customers beyond the four walls.

Case Study:  Under Armour

​Tasked with bringing the “Big Game” experience to Under Armour’s flagship store, find out how our compelling audio and video systems achieved award-winning results.

Case Study:  Hollister

​Hollister brings SoCal authenticity in-store through a first-of-its-kind audio/video solution.

Product Sheet:  Messaging

​Connect with your customers in-store, on hold, on the web and on the go with branded voice-over audio recording.

Download to your desktop to view video.

Product Sheet:  CURIOCast

​Expand the capabilities of your existing hardware with CURIOCast, PlayNetwork’s streaming radio service that delivers branded content to any SHOUTcast-compatible device. With CURIOCast, brands can deploy, broadcast, and update content streams without the need for additional playback hardware.

Case Study:  Dick’s Last Resort

​Discover how original branded content and social media integration extends the Dick’s Last Resort dining experience.

Case Study:  Red Robin

​Learn how re-engineered A/V systems and media solutions has helped Red Robin with a brand transformation.

Case Study:  Journeys

Our video creative programming has developed new in-store revenue opportunities for Underground by Journeys – here’s how.

Case Study:  Tilted Kilt

​Our Systems Advantage process helped Tilted Kilt implement consistent, simplified installations, bringing exceptional A/V experiences across all locations.

Product Sheet:  CURIOStream

​CURIOStream delivers streaming music to any web-accessible device through a browser-based web app, accessed from any smartphone, tablet, or computer. It allows for local store-level control, giving employees the option to switch between established playlists or build and save their own from a brand’s curated music catalog.

Case Study:  Steve Madden

Through music supervision and original video production, Steve Madden was able to align off-brand music and video programming with invigorating content.

Press Release:  PlayNetwork Wins Red Robin’s “Business Partner Of The Year” Award

​PlayNetwork’s systems and video production teams recognized for their participation in Red Robin’s brand transformation efforts.

Case Study:  maurices

​Fashion retailer maurices achieves 19% sales growth through a one-of-a-kind national music talent campaign.

Product Sheet:  CURIOMusicAPI

​Use CURIOMusicAPI to integrate PlayNetwork content into digital concepts and applications. With the CURIOMusicAPI, PlayNetwork’s content is now available to development teams and their imaginations. Content can be deployed via in-store playback, apps, digital signage and websites, with easy integration due to clear documentation and straight-forward API resources.

Case Study:  Houlihan’s

​Through a multi-channel music discovery program, Houlihan’s commitment to music and innovation helps set them apart from competitors.