Tz’s Daily Dose: Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan‘s new Christmas album is out today!!!! Yeah, you read that right, he’s gone and done a Christmas album, and you know what? It’s fantastic! That is, if you like the Dylan of the last decade and a half or so (which i do). It has a timeless quality. It sounds like it could have been done 50 years ago, yet sounds fresh and modern at the same time. Very much like his ‘Modern Times‘ and ‘Together Through Life‘ albums actually. You can sample some tracks on YouTube, which i will not link to, or you can just go ahead and buy it as all proceeds go to the charity Feeding America.

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That being said, i must show you something, so how about my favorite live performance of one of my favorite Dylan songs? Here’s Bob Dylan & The Rolling Thunder Revue with ‘Isis’…


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