Concert Review: Chromeo – Showbox at the Market, August 12, 2010

Last night, Seattle’s Showbox at the Market rocked harder than I’ve

seen it rock in a long time. What was the occasion? Chromeo, of course! The Montreal-based electrofunk duo played a sizzling set for a shockingly enthusiastic all-ages crowd. Lead singer Dave 1 put it best when he said, “Seattle, can I say something? You’re nuts!” Not something that we notoriously standoffish Northwest audiences hear very often. In the case of last nights sold-out gig, however, Dave 1 was 100% correct.

Chromeo - Showbox at the Market - August 12, 2010

Dave 1 and his partner in funk, P-Thugg, played hits from their first two albums, She’s In Control and Fancy Footwork, as well as cuts from their upcoming release, Business Casual, scheduled to drop on September 14, 2010. I was excited to hear all of my favorite songs, including “Tenderoni”, “Fancy Footwork” and my number one Chromeo track, “Bonafied Lovin’ (Tough Guys).” I was also happy to hear some of the new stuff, as I was hoping they’d play their new single, “Don’t Turn The Lights On.” They did!

The show was opened with sets by Holy Ghost! and Telephoned who both did a great job of warming up the crowd for the main event.

Chromeo are about halfway though their US tour before they hit the UK in November, so you still have time to catch them. The remaining US dates are posted below:

August 29: Hollywood Bowl (w/The Chemical Brothers and Yacht), Los Angeles, CA, USA
August 27: BUSINESS CASUAL TOUR: Masquerade, Atlanta, GA, USA (w/Holy Ghost! & Telephoned)
August 26: BUSINESS CASUAL TOUR: Cannery Ballroom, Nashville, TN, USA (w/Holy Ghost! & Telephoned)
August 25: BUSINESS CASUAL TOUR: Palladium, Dallas, TX, USA (w/Holy Ghost! & Telephoned)
August 24: BUSINESS CASUAL TOUR: Stubb’s, Austin, TX, USA (w/Holy Ghost! & Telephoned)
August 22: CHROMEO LIVE (Fool’s Gold Pool’s Gold party), The Williamsburg Waterfront Park, Brooklyn, NY
August 20: BUSINESS CASUAL TOUR: Ogden, Denver, CO, USA (w/Holy Ghost!)
August 19: W Lounge (After Party & DJ Set), Salt Lake City, UT, USA
August 19: Twilight Concert Series, Salt Lake City, UT, USA
August 16: BUSINESS CASUAL TOUR: House of Blues, San Diego, CA, USA (w/Holy Ghost! & Telephoned)
August 15: The Independent (Aftershow & DJ Set) w/ Holy Ghost!, San Francisco, CA, USA
August 15: OUTSIDE LANDS Music and Arts Festival, San Francisco, CA, USA
August 13: BUSINESS CASUAL TOUR: Roseland, Portland, OR, USA (w/Holy Ghost! & Telephoned)

To whet your appetite, here are a couple of videos. The first, “Bonafied Lovin’ (Tough Guys).”

Chromeo – Bonafied Lovin’ from Vice Records on Vimeo.

And the newest video, “Don’t Turn The Lights On.” A word of warning about this video – it’s deliciously creepy and may give you nightmares if you watch it too close to bedtime. If you can get to sleep, that is.

Don’t Turn The Lights On from Chromeo1 on Vimeo.

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