Top 20 Albums of 2015: #5 – #1

As we countdown to 2016, we have been reminiscing about all of the amazing albums that dropped in 2015. This list of the Top 20 Albums of 2015 has been compiled by our Music Supervision team, and includes their favorite albums of the year, spanning all genres. The wait is over, here are numbers 5 – 1!


5. Tame Impala – Currents

Over the summer, Aussie indie psyche-rockers Tame Impala released Currents, their third album and follow-up to the critically acclaimed Lonerism. This time around, their approach was minimalistic synth-infused pop, with less focus on rock influences and more on electronic sounds.

Song: “The Moment”


4. Courtney Barnett – Sometimes I Sit And Think, Sometimes I Just Sit

Killer guitarist, songwriter and humble performer, Courtney has the whole package. The Aussie rocker draws listeners in with her compelling lyrics, Down Under accent and unusual vocal style.

Song: “Nobody Really Cares If You Don’t Go To The Party”


3. Justin Bieber – Purpose

The Biebs is back with his most mature album to date. Purpose is an exploration of lush, low-key EDM sounds blended with modern R&B and acoustic singer/songwriter influences bubbling underneath. His first single from the album, “What Do You Mean?,” became his first #1 single on the Billboard Hot 100 and made him the youngest artist to debut at the top of the charts.

Song: “What Do You Mean?”


2. Jamie XX – In Colour

The subtleties of In Colour is what truly makes this full-length solo debut stand alone in the electronic/dance genre. A member of the minimalist indie pop group The xx, Jamie xx has crafted an album that highlights his talent of melding together few elements for tracks that are lush, beautiful and original.

Song: “Gosh”


1. Leon Bridges – Coming Home

This debut release from Fort Worth native Leon Bridges will have you second guessing as to whether you’re truly listening to a brand new retro soul album, or a classic reissue from Sam Cooke or Otis Redding. Coming Home is a timeless gem that consistently showcases Bridges’ sheer talent.

Song: “Smooth Sailin”