Music Discovery: April 2018

This month’s music discovery comes to you by one of our Music Supervisor, Chris Robles who is missing Sade and her old band mates. Our April playlist has been handpicked by our entire music team to get you in the mood for spring!


Artist: Sade

Twitter: @SadeOfficial

Track: Flower Of The Universe

In early March we were blessed with the first new song from Sade in over 7 years. “Flower Of The Universe” was made for the soundtrack to the movie A Wrinkle In Time. I wasn’t sure what to expect when it was announced that a new song would be coming, but it was a pleasant surprise to hear that familiar stripped down, mellow style with soothing vocals. 

After hearing this song, I was left wondering if we’ll be hearing more new material from Sade or Sweetback (the group the band members formed without Sade Adu at vocals)… Until we find out, I’ve been listening to the old Sweetback album–the same band and their signature sound–with various featured artists on vocals. 

Track: You Will Rise featuring Amel Larrieux (former lead singer of Groove Theory)


Track: Softly Softly featuring Maxell


Track: Au Natural featuring Bahamadia


And if you still can’t get enough- here are some bonus tracks with a similar feel: 

“Love Is Stronger Than Pride” by Lauryn Hill (covering a Sade song)

“Love is the Word” by Sweetback, featuring Aya and Ladybug Mecca

“Phased” by Stuart Matthewman and Santessa