Apple Music for Business

Introducing Apple Music for Business

Today we are excited to introduce Apple Music for Business, brought to you by PlayNetwork.

Apple Music for Business was built with the vision to help businesses engage their customers in three compelling ways:

  • To speak with them in the universal language of music
  • To build emotional connections and brand affinity
  • To create memorable and gratifying experiences


We began by asking ourselves: what challenges do brands face and how can we help address them with music? We also understood that customers demand more than just a good product or service. Now more than ever, they prefer—and choose—to be aligned with brands with whom they can identify and connect.

Apple Music for Business solves for this, and breaks new ground for business music services by combining:

  • An opportunity to work with music experts to develop the music identity of your brand and a custom sound that embodies it, drawing on incredible Apple Music playlists developed for every mood and genre.
  • A technology platform built for your world, with intuitive interfaces and business-focused features which allows for different levels of corporate and store-level control.
  • An integrated marketing program that helps you connect with customers through your existing channels, and extend your reach into new ones.


Throughout this journey, we’ve held a few core beliefs that have guided our actions and these we wanted to share:

Music inspires us. We believe in the power of music to inspire. We recognize the way that music connects people and set out to create something that made music a bigger part of the conversation. This is a foundational reason for why we’ll continue to improve on the service in the future.

Brands have a voice and story they want to share. It’s not as simple as hitting play. Each brand has an identity, a voice, and a story they want to tell—and now they can, with music. Apple Music for Business centers on human curation that requires attention and skill to make it a seamless part of the experience. With this understanding, we’ve taken the expertise of both Apple Music curators and PlayNetwork music supervisors and injected it into this service to ensure you have the sound right in every location.

We want to help people discover new music. We’re passionate about music, art, and culture-and we want others to enjoy it as much as we do. So we’ve created tools in Apple Music for Business that not only make it easier to develop and deliver a unique sound for your brand, but to share it in your stores, on your websites, through social media, and more, as well as encouraging your customers to discover it on Apple Music.

We’re extremely proud of what has been announced today, and are even more excited about what we’re building for tomorrow.

And if you’re interested in hearing more, we’re ready to help you bring music out of the background with Apple Music for Business.