Music Discovery: December 2019

Here at the Octave Group, our dedicated music curators work with clients around the globe, listening to music for a diverse range of consumers, from high-end retailers to small one-off mom and pop joints that want to hear the best music for their specific brand and customers. From this unique perspective, we factor in music that is popular and familiar, but what makes our jobs so unique and enjoyable are the deeper more obscure cuts by an artist or band that just broke into the scene that no one knows about yet. This is what makes us stand out from the rest and is one of the many reasons why our clients love our work so much.

With that in mind, we are happy to announce the return of our year-end list for 2019. The list will showcase 10 of our music experts’ favorite songs and albums of the year. And to go along with each curator’s pick, we’re adding everyone’s favorite hits of the year to this month’s playlist. 




We’re kicking it off with Music Supervisor Alex Espinosa, who is a veteran in the music industry and has been curating brands for well over 20 years. You can hear a sampling of his curation at some of our larger brands like NIKE and Tommy Hilfiger.

Artist: Dorian feat. Javiera Mena

Track: Vicios Y Defectos

Twitter: @Dorian_Oficial

“Vicios y Defectos” (Vices and Defects) is a track by Spanish band Dorian featuring the ever-so-talented Chilean singer, Javiera Mena. Dorian, who is considered one of the most renowned bands in the Spanish scene since 2004, recruited Javiera who has been rising in popularity as of late. This single, which was released at the end of 2018 has elements of electro pop and disco and still is a staple in clubs all over Latin America.


Artist: Ride

Track: Jump Jet

Twitter: @rideox4

This English Alternative band emerged in the early 90s shoegaze scene with other notable bands like Catherine Wheel and House of Love, among others to create a cult following. After a long hiatus, they reformed after 21 years to release 2017s Weather Diaries which had critics as well as their long-standing fans taking notice again. Their latest release This Is Not A Safe Place spawned the hit single “Jump Jet.”


Artist: Moon Duo

Track: Lost Heads

Twitter: @moonduo

Ripley Johnson of San Francisco experimental band Wooden Shjips, moved to Portland, Oregon with Sanae Yamada and formed the side project, Moon Duo. Showcasing their cosmic psychedelic sounds of humming synths and rhythmic drumming they answer the question, “Have ever wondered what the Velvet Underground would sound like in today’s music world?” Check out their latest single “Lost Heads” that will take you on a journey of a sonic opus.