Sea-Tac Airport Launches Pearl Jam Poster Exhibit

As a part of the Sea-Tac Airport Experience the City of Music program, the Port of Seattle, EMP Museum, Pearl Jam, and poster artists Ames Bros. unveiled a new exhibit of screen prints commissioned over the years for the promotion of Pearl Jam concerts.

This exhibit, a part of the Experience the City of Music program at the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, has been titled, “PUSH ME, PULL ME: Pearl Jam and the Art of the Screen Printed Poster”. 85 posters from over 30 artists—including the Ames Bros., Brad Klausen, Munk One, and Ward Sutton—are all featured in this new exhibit.

When Pearl Jam formed in Seattle in 1990, posters were one of the few ways that a band could communicate with their audience. They were vital to advertising upcoming shows, as well as an important aspect of conveying the identity of the band. Poster art reflected the venues and cities in which the band played, represented the musicians and lyrics, with some even touching contemporary politics. But moreover, these posters illustrated […]

Happy 1st Birthday to the Sea-Tac Airport Music Initiative!

Today marks the Sea-Tac’s one-year anniversary of the City of Music program.   During the first year, the program was awarded “Best Arrivals Experience” by the FTE consisting of a panel of industry experts.  During the initiative’s second year, the number of live musicians playing throughout the terminal will be doubled.

“The expansion of the live music program allows us to connect with even more of the 34 million passengers who travel through Sea-Tac every year,” said Port of Seattle Commissioner John Creighton. “With the airport providing the first and last impression of Seattle, we have a unique opportunity to showcase our region’s iconic music culture — and support jobs in the local music industry.”

The Sea-Tac Airport Music Initiative includes more than just live music and overhead music in the terminal.  It also features artist-read public announcements, feature videos on terminal and baggage claim monitors, a local music web player available via the airport’s free wifi, and the City of Music App.

We have teamed up with Port of Seattle,The Office of Film + Music, […]