One eskimO’s “Amazing” Now On Palladia!

We’ve got some great news to kick off the week!  One eskimO’s video for “Amazing,” which was shot originally for one of our PlayLive sessions, has just been added to Palladia, the music-centric high definition television channel. Keep your eyes peeled for it on the channel’s video rotation so you can see it in all of its hi-def glory!

Congrats to the band!  We’re honored our PlayLive session video was chosen to be the song’s official music video and if you haven’t seen it yet, be sure to check out “Amazing”:


Heather’s Song Of The Day: Any Which Way

Scissor Sisters have just released the second single from their new album Night Work, and it’s one of my favorite songs on the disc. The video is appropriately awesome and it only makes the wait until I see them live at Showbox Sodo on September 15 seem even longer. This clip has everything! People breaking stuff, hot shirtless men, pretty colors and clothes to die for. (I’d love a pair of shoes like the ones Ana is sporting at 1:44. Size 9, please!) And did I mention the song is fantastic? Enjoy!


Heather Producer, Branded Music PlayNetwork, Inc.

Concert Review: Chromeo – Showbox at the Market, August 12, 2010

Last night, Seattle’s Showbox at the Market rocked harder than I’ve seen it rock in a long time. What was the occasion? Chromeo, of course! The Montreal-based electrofunk duo played a sizzling set for a shockingly enthusiastic all-ages crowd. Lead singer Dave 1 put it best when he said, “Seattle, can I say something? You’re nuts!” Not something that we notoriously standoffish Northwest audiences hear very often. In the case of last nights sold-out gig, however, Dave 1 was 100% correct.

Dave 1 and his partner in funk, P-Thugg, played hits from their first two albums, She’s In Control and Fancy Footwork, as well as cuts from their upcoming release, Business Casual, scheduled to drop on September 14, 2010. I was excited to hear all of my favorite songs, including “Tenderoni”, “Fancy Footwork” and my number one Chromeo track, “Bonafied Lovin’ (Tough Guys).” I was also happy to hear some of the new stuff, as I was hoping they’d play their new single, “Don’t Turn […]

The Return of MTV?

NEWS FLASH!!!  Yesterday it was rumored that there may be 30 new episodes in the works of a couple of my favorite characters, Beavis and Butthead.  Since King of the Hill ended last year, I’ve been itching for my Mike Judge/Greg Daniels regular fix.  It’s said that the format of the cartoon would stay the same (story + music video commentary) down to the rudimentary drawing.

The question still remains where the show would air.  Would it return to one of the channels that had previously held the spot (MTV, Cartoon Network, Fox)?  Or would it air only online off of Judge’s own website?  I’m voting for the return of MTV.  Please stop making me hear about the Kardashians and Jersey Shore and start letting me watch Beavis and Butthead take on Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga videos.

Remember how fun this was?


I would be thrilled if my child gets to grow up with these guys.  Does that make […]

Trendwatch 2010: Bikini Top Accoutrements

Within the last week and a half, two pop stars have released music videos that they hope will propel their accompanying songs to the top of the summer charts.  Last week, Lady Gaga gave us “Alejandro,” an homage to just about every video Madonna has ever done, with a little bit of Evita thrown in for good measure.  Wednesday, Katy Perry posted her clip for “California Gurls,” which reminded me mostly of the game Candyland that I loved so dearly as a child.  (I fear I shall never be able to play that game ever again without thinking of a naked Katy Perry wearing a Queen Frostine wig.  Sad.)

These videos obviously couldn’t be more different…except for one thing. Both Katy and Gaga and some point during the video sport a bikini top featuring some kind of strange accessory. Katy actually does this several times -mostly with pastry-related items- but the highlight(?) is at 3:23 when she has actual spraying cans of whipped cream […]