Authentic Brand Experiences Through Music

While not every artist is eager to see its name paired with a brand, many will say that it has at least become accepted, if not expected. Artists realize the benefits of lending their music to a brand to gain exposure, and maybe more importantly, to put gas in the van or cover recording costs.

But that doesn’t mean all branding opportunities for bands are created equal. Many attempts to merge music and branding use music purely as a prop. These campaigns basically serve as ads with a band tacked on as an afterthought; an attempt to try to reach a new customer, or so it appears. Ravenous music fans are smart cookies, and they can smell a halfhearted attempt from a mile away.

“ The best executions are when brands can work in tandem with artists instead of trying to eclipse them. This is what drives authenticity. ”

Achieving an Authentic Experience

Authenticity is best found when brands can work in tandem with artists instead of trying to eclipse them. By going beyond just exclusive show footage and doing something that actively engages music fans without heavy handedness — when done right — can transcend a campaign. It’s a way to broaden the output of music that people are excited to digest, whether they are buying something at that moment or not.

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