How to Create a Unique Brand Sound

With everyone trying to become the next Grizzly Bear, it does beg the question, “where do you go to find the alternative to independent music?”

For companies constantly pushing to stay ahead of the curve, it’s essential to know where to look for emerging talent. Brands now hire music consultants, music marketing experts, creative agencies, labels, and media branding companies to research and deliver unique music-driven content. With the right partner, the creation of this “brand sound” can extend to every consumer touch point, from online, to on-device, to in-store, to on television, to events.

Music curation is crucial in today’s market and without an expert truly engaged with the marketing strategy, the outcome can appear forced and trite. Any company wanting to make their mark should partner with qualified music curators, whose passion shines through in their work. These individuals help craft a brand sound that matches objectives, audience, and geography with genre, BPM, and so much more. With the right music supervision, brands can always be the first to the party.

“ “Search-bar paralysis” is the idea that a music consumer becomes overwhelmed with the unlimited choices for song selection. ”

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