Creating Authentic Brand Experiences with Music

There’s no shortcut. A healthy branded music program is supported from the top and managed by those who respect music as the powerful bonding agent that it is, those that can take the appropriate time to vet and advance music discovery opportunities aligned with the brand experience. And for retail, restaurant, and hotel brands, that experience spreads well beyond the storefront.

Sharing music with customers is a chance to display passion, create common cultural ground, and impart a sense of place and belonging. Companies who actively contribute to the music ecosystem and cultivate a genuine appreciation for it will benefit from the fertile social soil that exists between brand, art, and audience.

The best-in-class do this by carrying a unified message with them wherever they connect with their customers. Artist spotlights, sync licensing for ads, concert and tour sponsorships, online music playlists, and music posts on social sites, all of these require a genuine editorial point of view with guts and purpose. And there’s a reward for it that can’t otherwise be bought: trust.

“ Music can elevate a brand in ways that copy and images just can't, but it's got to be real. ”

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