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Jesse Goss Profile Page

Why I work at PlayNetwork

I’ve always said “music is the soundtrack to life”, and am a true believer of that statement. Music has, by far, been my biggest influence growing up. Ever since I got my 1st pair of headphones at 7 years old, all the way through my senior year of high school, it would be a rare sight to catch me without headphones on. Music motivated me to teach myself how to play guitar, and since, I’ve been in multiple bands. On the other end of the spectrum, I picked up DJ’ing, and have been seen DJ’ing all over the Seattle area.

So when I was offered the career opportunity to work with businesses, to help them achieve the sound they have been envisioning for their brand, and turn that into an in-store reality, I knew this was the perfect career for me.

I was told PlayNetwork is the best in the business. I’ve been here almost 2 years and I stand by that statement. PlayNetwork is truly the best in this business! 

Favorite Genre
My preferred genre changes with my mood, and/or environment, and ranges from heavy metal, to underground Hip Hop, and everything in between. 

Favorite Channels
I currently have 2 favorite channels in our Serenade channel lineup. Like I said above, my taste depends on mood and can range from Heavy Metal, to Underground Hip Hop. The same goes when I’m working at my desk. I really love the Pop Punk & Emo playlist. It perfectly sums up my high school years, bringing back a lot of memories, while also reminding me that there are new artists emerging that are getting better and better.

 I also love the Urban & Rap channel for that same reason. There are so many hit tracks on that playlist that make me smile and bob my head while doing paperwork.

Be sure to check back for new recommendations! My favorites change with the weather!  Happy to set up some time to talk about creating your unique sound.

Current Favorite Product
I currently really like the Atlas 40W amp.  It's got a small form factor and delivers more than enough power for a 1,000 to 2,000 square feet space and we've had great feedback on its performance in the field.  Tough little unit for less than $175 is a great value.  Check it out here 

Discount Code
Use this code to get 5% off any order you make with us.  Simply put this in the Discount Code field on the checkout page: Jesse5
Client Testimonials

"Jesse is always available and courteous. He responds promptly with answers to all our questions, and Jesse has the best phone voice! We look forward to a continuous relationship with Jesse and his PlayNetwork colleagues." - Nora Merla, Urban Bricks Pizza

"Jesse is the most efficient and dedicated sales rep I have ever worked with. He makes using PlayNetwork easy. As we rapidly open new stores and sometimes have very minimal lead time Jesse always finds a way to get us what we need in the most timely manner possible.  I highly recommend Jesse & the entire PlayNetwork team!" - Jesse Noca, Southwoods Hospital/Rise Pies

" Jesse Goss you have been awesome!!Always available when needed, very fast responses, answers all our questions.It's been a pleasure working with you and would love to continue working with you!!" - Tatiana Al, Urban Bricks Pizza 

Internal Testimonial
"Jesse has always been a pleasure to have on the team because he thinks outside of the box, looking for the best solutions for his clients and following through on the committments he makes.  He has the heart of a consultant, with a great understanding of music, music licensing and audio/video equipment." -Brian James, Director, Local & Franchsie Sales
Contact Information
Jesse Goss 
Local & Franchsie Sales

Customer Service Contact Information

For reference, if you ever have questions on your account, orders or service I would encourage you to reach out to Customer Service first.  They’re a great team that provide the fastest service and best response times, working 6 days a week with on-call and emergency service available.  



Customer Service Hours of Operation (Pacific Standard Time)

  • Monday through Friday:  7 a.m. – 5 p.m.
  • Saturday:  8 a.m. – 12 p.m.
  • Sunday: Closed

References are available upon request.  Ask me about specific discounts associated with being a reference and other referral bonuses that are available.  We value and respect all customers willing to be a reference and never sell or distribute contact information without express written consent.
Sales Department Escalation Contact
Brian James
Director, Local & Franchise Sales