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PlayNetwork is a music tech company.


We believe emotion inspires behavior. We value fearless innovation, execution of ideas, collaborative interactions, and reliability with a sense of hustle.


We’re on a mission to evolve the ways brands inspire and connect with consumers through music, visual content, and technology.

IN 1996

we began with custom in-store music for business. Today, PlayNetwork is a leading global music tech company providing in-store and digital curated music, original and managed video programs, content licensing, audiovisual systems, digital signage, and consumer insights—all under one roof.


The result? Experiences that engage consumers and connect them with many of most loved brands in the world.


We are customer focused

We are one team

We lead the way

We strive for excellence

We keep it simple

We do the right thing

We celebrate our wins and our lessons

We are passionate about music, art, and culture


Celebrate the Arts

Live performances

Art showcases

Overhead music curated by music supervisors

Vinyl Nights

Give Back to Our Community

Food, clothing, and meal drives

Community charity support and volunteer opportunities

Blood drives

Focus on sustainability

Celebrate Each Other

Rock star awards

Happy hours

Game and sport days

Trivia and raffles