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Music Discovery: April 2020

There are many music quotes out there but the one that has always caught my attention is “Music speaks what cannot be expressed, soothes the mind and gives it rest.”

I love talking music, and always tell people that the emotional power of music connects us all. Today, you see it firsthand around the world, whether it is everyday people singing from their balconies or popular musicians sharing free showcases on social media from the comfort of their homes.

I’ve gathered our music team to share some of their favorite go-to songs that lift their spirits when they are feeling down and are just good for the soul. Take a listen, sing along as loud as you can, dance around the house while in self-quarantine and make sure to remember that we are all in this together.




Important Notice: COVID-19 Update

A Message to Our Customers from CEO Ross Honey:

Like all of you, we have spent the last several weeks tracking the coronavirus (COVID-19) and how it is impacting our world. For Octave Group, that means understanding how it affects our employees, customers and communities, and then making the necessary adjustments to our work and operations.

To that end we have two goals. First and foremost, our priority is to keep our employees, customers and the communities we operate in safe. This has been at the center of our planning and actions every step of the way.

Our second goal is to continue to deliver a high quality of service and maintain smooth operations while adapting the way we work. With these goals in mind, we have made several changes in our operations in response to the threat of the coronavirus.

We have eliminated all non-essential business travel and enforced a work from home program for almost all employees to do what we can to help prevent the spread of […]

Music Discovery: March 2020

Hi, I’m Matthew Hayman , a Music Supervisor at PlayNetwork in our London office.This month marks one year in the business for me, and what better way to celebrate this occasion than to share some of my new music discoveries. The albums I’ve featured include a long-awaited return from a personal favourite, a new solo record from an unsung talent and sadly a farewell to one of the most influential heroes in music.


Artist: Agnes Obel

Track: Broken Sleep

Twitter: @agnesobel

Agnes Obel is a self-written, recorded and produced Danish singer/songwriter. This month she returns with her spellbinding fourth album. Recording in isolation and mainly at night in her Berlin home studio; Myopia explores dark themes of trust and doubts through minimal orchestration and rich melodies. While her angelic vocal preaches to melancholy tones, which unwind and twist into a heart-warming and celestial sound, she has produced an elegant and hauntingly beautiful record.


Artist: John Carroll Kirby

Track: Blueberry […]

Music Discovery: February 2020

With the start of 2020 comes a new decade of releases. New bands trying to make their mark as well as reunions from bands/artist that have some people asking “Why,” while others welcome with open arms. One thing that never changes from year to year is new music being release that is music for the soul and for the ears. Below are two new releases that are on repeat and a classic track that is a flashback to a sound and time in my youth where music started to inspire me and take me down a path where music would become my life. RIP Andy Gill.


Artist: Kasbo feat. Lizzy Land

Track: I Get You

Twitter: @KasboMusic

Swedish producer, DJ, genius Carl Garsbo aka Kasbo has remixed songs for such artists as Jai Wolf, Local Natives and Vance Joy but it’s his own produced music that has people taking notice, especially after ODESZA picked him to open for a few shows during […]

Music Discovery: January 2020

Hi, I am Ruben Lira, an associate music supervisor here at PlayNetwork. I am fortunate to be able to listen to all types of music for work. My taste can vary, but something I always try to push, is discovering the lesser known artists. These are some of the songs currently being played on repeat on my playlist.




Artist: Lilith

Track: Vacation

Twitter: @lilithworldwide

“Vacation” feels like a throwback to those 90s-weezer-esque songs, put out by a pair of indie labels in Boston – Disposable-America Records and Take this to Heart Records – Lilith is both huge in sound and poetic depth within the lyrics.


Artist: Julien Baker

Track: Tokyo

Twitter: @julienbaker

A journey into an intense time of life – the song starts off somewhat tranquil then veers into a buildup into this soundscape of complexities. This is a single put out by the venerable Sub Pop Records who continues to bring awareness to those […]

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