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Music Discovery: November 2020

Hi, I’m Alex Ruder and I’m a music supervisor at The Octave Group. No doubt it’s a prerequisite for the job, but I’m a fan of a lot of types of music. A genre that I’ve been particularly passionate about for a while now though, that you probably don’t hear blasting through the speakers at your favorite retail spots, is ambient music. The calm, spacious, and meditative tones – it’s been a welcome and much-needed reprieve from the noise of everyday life. Maybe a world where everyone listens to more ambient music would be a more peaceful and beautiful place? I’d like to think so.

While it’s been growing in popularity over the years, it’s still a style of music created by artists who aren’t often all that concerned with social media numbers or receive the support of major label marketing budgets. It makes digging for this type of music all the more thrilling, especially when you discover a song, or an album, or an artist that is able to […]

Music Discovery: October 2020

2020. The year that seems to be flying by, yet somehow, also frozen in time. In the midst of this twilight zone, we all have a little bit more time on our hands and I’ve tried to take advantage of it by discovering some new tunes. I’ve recently found myself gravitating towards an electro-indie-alt genre blend that has reminded me to chill amongst all this chaos in the world. Below are just a few tracks that have been love letters to my ears. Maybe they can bring you a little peace to get you through the rest of the year. Enjoy! – Kalla


Artist: Peter Manos

Track: Tennessee

Twitter: @peternmanos

This little diddly first sparked my interest when I heard the vocals enter with the auto-tune, only to be pleasantly surprised with the chordal progression of a secondary dominant (music theory nerd here). I was attracted to the simplicity and ethereal mood of the song […]

Music Discovery: September 2020

Since we started working from home in March, as everyone is aware — the current world we live in with the global pandemic, racial tensions, and political differences has had me paying a lot more attention to these issues, which sometimes can be too much to handle. Music has been a good escape to get lost in songs that I’ve enjoyed in the past and also the chance to discover new songs. I always gravitate towards songs that have a chill, smooth beat; usually R&B or Reggae is what I listen to when I want to relax. For something more upbeat, I listen to some good electronic/dance and hip-hop music to improve my mood. As a fan of 80’s and 90’s R&B, these recently-released songs caught my attention because they reminded me of similar artists from those eras.


Artist: Snoh Aalegra

Track: Dying For Your Love

Twitter: @snohaalegra

Aside from her looks and style, […]

Music Discovery: August 2020

In these strange and turbulent times, one thing that has helped me lean back from the fray of the day to day routine is getting to appreciate just how much great music is out there these days. Whether indoors late at night or out in the sunshine in the middle of the day, here is a small selection of what’s caught my ear recently that I hope you will enjoy.


Artist: Archers of Loaf

Track: Raleigh Days

Twitter: @archers_of

Iconic indie-rockers, Archers of Loaf, are back and they are bringing the fire with them! “Raleigh Days” illustrates just how capable the band is of producing quality jams time and time again. Anthemic in its structure, “Raleigh Days” finds the band looking back to the weight of an era remembered all the while finding a way to grasp for what is yet to come.

RIYL: Guided By Voices, Gang […]

Music Discovery: July 2020

This time and space we’re currently occupying is bursting with a multitude of layers representing so much to so many different people. One seemingly common connector is a tangible feeling of change, one that’s propelled forward by the progression of the Black Lives Matter movement, the celebration of Pride, and the opportunity to care for each other amidst the ongoing pandemic.

Change is a hard thing to capture, especially as we harness the potential energy behind it in a kinetic display meant to dismantle and rebuild the systems and attitudes that shape our world. We are existing in a fluid state. While the lack of definition may make the future seem daunting, we’re also offered the opportunity to create new ways to serve all people. Like rivers carving their path to the sea.

The following featured tracks and accompanying playlist aim to encapsulate the magnitude of the times through a mix of new music and other tracks that just felt right. Together may we Lift Every Voice and Sing.


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