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Music Discovery: June 2021

As the world slowly starts to turn towards a return to normal (or as close to it as it can, I guess) it is great to see (and hear) that so many excellent artists have put their quarantine time to as good a use as they can. The amount of really quality songs coming our way these days is just simply inspiring. Here is a small selection of some of those that I hope you’ll enjoy as much as I do.



Artist: Lime Cordiale

Track: Nobody Takes Me Seriously

Twitter: @limecordiale

Having been around since 2009, Australian favorites, Lime Cordiale have crafted a sound that is familiar yet engaging. With their take on Split Enz – “Nobody Takes Me Seriously,” they really bring a nice groove to a previously angular song. Perfect for throwing into that mix for hitting the road or backyard bbq-ing this summer for sure.



Music Discovery: May 2021

Hi, I’m Matthew, Music Supervisor at the London office of PlayNetwork. The start of 2021 was all doom and gloom, but as lockdown gently lifts here in the UK and spring approaches, a flood of emerging artists float to the surface, ready to soundtrack the summer of 2021.




Artist: Pauli The PSM

Track: I Got The Beat

Twitter: @paulilovejoy

Pauli The PSM is known for lending his talent and know-how to the likes of FKA twigs, Jamie xx, Sampha, Damon Albarn and Gorillaz as both a drummer and music director. “I Got The Beat” is a raw and compelling track with a vibrancy that captivates the listener. His voice has an infectious grace as he layers chaotic noises over a sparse rhythmic pattern. There are subtle nods to black masculinity and social identity in his lyrics that are further explored in the video.


Artist: Maple Glider

Track: Swimming

Twitter: […]

Music Discovery: April 2021

Hi, I’m Grady Tyree and I’ve been working in our Label Relations / Procurement department for the past 8 years, in our position we play both air-traffic-controller and bullhorn to keep our team of music supervisors aware of new artists and label priorities as they come through the library.

As we are sorting through the multitudes of songs each week, I get a chance to discover music from artists not necessarily on the charts or on the top playlists on the various streaming platforms. I recently read an article stressing the importance of searching out new music, new artists, new sounds… so for 2021, I’ve been keeping track of songs I’ve let occupy space in my mind as ear-worms on a monthly cadence… below are four artists who you need to know about!


Artist: Aaron Frazer

Track: Can’t Leave It Alone

Twitter: @AaronFrazer_

Aaron Frazer first appeared on my radar in April 2019, when […]

Choosing the Right A/V Systems Partner

In today’s experience-driven landscape, audiovisual systems are key to helping brands create exciting environments that engage customers, increasing the amount of time they spend in-location. How do you ensure that your system installations are being properly specified, are standardized for consistency, and optimized for performance, value, and longevity? 

Get a tailored solution for your needs A unique system design should be developed for every location, taking the venue size, layout, materials/finishes, and budget into consideration, as well as your desired performance expectations and functionality requirements. We often see systems sold to brands that aren’t in alignment with the experience they are looking to create or have not been optimized for their specific locations. All aspects of a  properly designed system should work together as a truly integrated solution.   Simplify the procurement process Sourcing the right equipment for an audiovisual system install can be difficult, especially when supply chain disruptions arise. Getting equipment to the right places on time adds even more complexity. Look for partners who have strong, direct relationships with […]

Music Discovery: Hottest Latin Female Singers In The World

Ever since Ricky Martin took the world by storm with his performance at the 1999 Grammy Awards, the world of Latin music has had a global impact. In the years to follow with the rise of streaming services, music from all corners of the Spanish speaking world is reaching fans everywhere. And lately, with Reggeaton and Urbano ruling as subgenres in the Latin charts, it felt like there were not enough Latinas representing. In fact, the last few years only had a handful of women made the top 10 on the charts.

Thankfully, we live in a world now where women are taking the forefront in everything from being Vice President of the United States to Prime Minister of New Zealand, and the world of Latin music is rife with female artist who are killing the game in multiple genres screaming, “It’s not a man’s world anymore.”

Below is just a small sample of notable woman making noise around the globe.