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Music Discovery: June 2019

Why hello there! I’m Kalla Vavra, an Associate Music Supervisor and Voice Talent here at PlayNetwork. If you’ve been living under a rock that has been buried 20 feet underground since April 14th, you’ve probably been blessed to avoid any or all conversation regarding Game of Thrones. Not me. I, along with the other millions of viewers, am an avid GoT fan and I threw caution to the wind and poured my whole being into the last season of this sacred series. I immersed myself in all things Game of Thrones related and upon my research, I was lucky to come across the album For The Throne (Music Inspired by the HBO Series Game of Thrones). The songs inspired by the TV series led me to thinking, are there other songs that have been inspired by television or film? The answer is yes, but we’re going to focus on the For The Throne album for the time being. Below are my favorite tracks from the album. Enjoy!

Music Discovery: May 2019

Hello! I’m Mark Campbell, Music Supervisor here at PlayNetwork. For as long as I can remember I’ve been drawn to electronic sounds. From the voice of R2-D2 to assorted audio logos heard in television shows and commercials, these noises have always grabbed my attention. So naturally, this fascination is reflected in a large portion of my musical tastes. Here’s a few new tracks I’ve discovered that feature my favorite musical instrument of all time (the synthesizer) front and center. Enjoy!


Artist: Tycho

Track: Easy

Twitter: @ISO50

Scott Hansen, known professionally as Tycho, recently dropped this track as a prelude to his forthcoming album. Mostly instrumental (with some nebulous background vocals), this track features a successful and compelling blend of electronic and acoustic elements. Moreover, the buttery-smooth synth lead almost makes you forget you’re listening to electronic music altogether.

Artist: Robotaki

Track: Beaches

Twitter: @Robotaki

Fun fact: Preston Anthony Chin, better known by his stage name Robotaki, has […]

Music Discovery: April 2019

Hi, my name is Christian Zabala and I’m an Associate Music Supervisor at PlayNetwork. This month’s post is focused on some new R&B from artists you may or may not have heard. I’ve been listening to a lot of records from this genre as it continues to make its way back in the mainstream…and because it’s just good for the soul.


Artist: Amber Mark

Track: Put You On

Twitter: @Amb3rMark

By default, I like this song because its sound is inspired by New Jack Swing. Amber Mark does a great job of capturing the sound of old school R&B and making it work with the lingo of today’s R&B. I mean, if Sade gives you her support, then you must be good.

Artist: Summer Walker

Track: Girls Need Love (Drake Remix)

Twitter: @summerwalker

I’ve had this song on repeat…even before Drake decided to jump on and give this a remix! I don’t know if it’s the hypnotic beat or […]

Music Discovery: March 2019

Happy March everyone! I’m Pete Greenberg, Music Supervisor here at PlayNetwork. So, here’s the deal. There are some great songs out there (no surprise) and I’ve collected a few in a playlist for you to check out this month. Personally, I’m loving these songs right now and am hopeful you will too. If for some reason you don’t, it’s okay. We can still be friends. But chances are you just lost your ride to the airport. I’m only kidding. Kinda.




Artist: Telekinesis

Track: A Place in the Sun


Telekinesis is back! Okay, it’s not like they actually went away and have finally returned or anything. Just that there’s a new album and I’m beyond excited. I love this band and love this return to indie rock form for them. Such great tones on this recording. There’s a real crispness to the track that does a great job of hooking you in and lifting you up.


Music Discovery: February 2019

This month’s Music Discovery Blog comes from one of our Associate Music Supervisors, Patrick Milgram, who discusses why it is important to leave the music algorithms behind. Along with his three featured tracks, Patrick has hand picked 25 songs he recommends to get your playlist out of it’s feedback loop. 




A world of automation and algorithms should be utopic for an indecisive person, right? More and more, it seems that we’re relying on our technology and applications to spoon feed us the next best thing based on our listening and viewing habits. While I was grateful for my streaming services queuing up the next best thing that fit my interests, over time, I began experiencing a creeping feeling of unease that I was missing out on something. I felt some relief reading this article about independent online radio stations, which spoke to the eclecticism and unpredictability of human curation – it validated many of my feelings about automated recommendations.

Rather […]