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Music Discovery: February 2020

With the start of 2020 comes a new decade of releases. New bands trying to make their mark as well as reunions from bands/artist that have some people asking “Why,” while others welcome with open arms. One thing that never changes from year to year is new music being release that is music for the soul and for the ears. Below are two new releases that are on repeat and a classic track that is a flashback to a sound and time in my youth where music started to inspire me and take me down a path where music would become my life. RIP Andy Gill.


Artist: Kasbo feat. Lizzy Land

Track: I Get You

Twitter: @KasboMusic

Swedish producer, DJ, genius Carl Garsbo aka Kasbo has remixed songs for such artists as Jai Wolf, Local Natives and Vance Joy but it’s his own produced music that has people taking notice, especially after ODESZA picked him to open for a few shows during […]

Music Discovery: January 2020

Hi, I am Ruben Lira, an associate music supervisor here at PlayNetwork. I am fortunate to be able to listen to all types of music for work. My taste can vary, but something I always try to push, is discovering the lesser known artists. These are some of the songs currently being played on repeat on my playlist.




Artist: Lilith

Track: Vacation

Twitter: @lilithworldwide

“Vacation” feels like a throwback to those 90s-weezer-esque songs, put out by a pair of indie labels in Boston – Disposable-America Records and Take this to Heart Records – Lilith is both huge in sound and poetic depth within the lyrics.


Artist: Julien Baker

Track: Tokyo

Twitter: @julienbaker

A journey into an intense time of life – the song starts off somewhat tranquil then veers into a buildup into this soundscape of complexities. This is a single put out by the venerable Sub Pop Records who continues to bring awareness to those […]

Music Discovery: Top Picks of 2019

Hi, Dean Carlson here, trying to select just 3 songs from 2019 to feature on our blog is like torture, a process of elimination that involves repeated listens and a bit of homework, but here are several examples of what I fell in love with/streamed the most over the course of the last 12 months.



Artist: Michael Kiwanuka

Track: Hero

Twitter: @michaelkiwanuka

Michael Kiwanuka is one of those artists who stop you in your tracks and demand to be listened to, a genuine, down-to-earth singer-songwriter who observes the world around him and creates songs that are timeless and immediately modern at the same time.


Artist: Mallrat

Track: Nobody’s Home

Twitter: @lilmallrat

Mallrat is 21-year-old Grace Kathleen Elizabeth, a young singer-songwriter from Brisbane, Australia who made a big splash on her local radio station, Triple J, with a little single titled “Groceries” which landed in the Top 10 last year. I was hooked the moment I heard this […]

Music Discovery: Top Picks of 2019

Hi, I am Kate Siem, Associate Music Supervisor at PlayNetwork and this is my End of an Era: 2019 Deconstructed top picks for the year. I’ve always had two separate relationships with music – the objective and the subjective. The objective operates like an academic immersing themselves in their studies; getting lost enough to discover something too unique to find without genuine searching. Balanced by the subjective, this relationship to music blossoms like a love affair too passionate to ever be fleeting. My top three picks for 2019 reflect each respective approach, with the third being a little blend of the two. Hope you enjoy, and cheers to more great music in 2020.



Artist: Jessica Pratt

Track: This Time Around

Twitter: @JessicaPrattSF

Quantifiable as an objective pursuit, listening to any of Jessica Pratt’s work reminds one that, at its core, music is too expansive to be labeled and boxed. I’ve been avidly following her work since her self-titled debut LP in […]

Music Discovery: Top Picks of 2019

Hi,my name is Ruben Lira, an associate music supervisor with PlayNetwork. I am fortunate to be able to go through all types of music for work. As with other years, 2019 brought an assortment of music from all genres. These are some of my favorite albums or EP for 2019.



Artist: Black Pumas

Track: Black Moon Rising

Twitter: @BlackPumasMusic

Music can make you move, inspire thoughtful conversations, and bring about a soulful coolness to your day… this is the Black Pumas. A Staxx Records-esque soul revival with a modern R&B smoothness throughout the entire record.


Artist: Acid Tongue

Track: If Lovin’ You Was Easier

Twitter: @acidtongue

I imagine this is what a modern Rolling Stones would sound like – a balance between psychedelic and soul, with ease. Yet, with all this fun, the music is straight forward and still finds a way to challenge the norm.


Artist: Brittany Howard

Track: Stay High


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