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Music Discovery: September 2019

Howdy! My name is J.D. Tierney, and I’ve been working as the Music Services Intern here at PlayNetwork for the past three months. To celebrate my conscription into the workforce, I thought I’d make a playlist of new music exclusively from artists about my age who are likewise beginning to embark on their musical careers. All the songs on this playlist are made by, or feature prominently, artists who are “Gen Z,” or “iGen,” or whatever the term is this week. That means they were born in year 1995 or later. For reference, I was born in 1997.

The playlist is a Smörgåsbord of hip-hop, RnB, lo-fi pop, electronic, and indie rock. Come to think of it, most of the songs here will have two or three styles of those evident in its DNA. Below I’ve written about three songs I feel are particularly noteworthy. I hope you enjoy.



Artist: Litany

Track: My Dude

Twitter: @litanymusic

Litany is a duo of […]

Music Discovery: August 2019

Hi, I’m Alex Ruder. I’ve been a Music Supervisor at PlayNetwork for nearly 6 years now, and outside of PlayNetwork I’m a DJ at KEXP and also run a small independent label called Hush Hush Records.

Women were responsible for some of the most exciting albums of 2018 and they’re continuing to crush it in 2019. Here’s a few singles from new and new-ish women artists I’ve had on repeat this year…



Artist: Long Beard

Track: Sweatheart

Twitter: @longbeardband

I’ve been hooked on this gorgeous slice of nostalgic, melancholic, melodic guitar-pop from New Jersey’s Long Beard (aka Leslie Bear) which is the lead single from her upcoming sophomore album Means To Me, due out September 13th on Double Double Whammy.


Artist: Clairo

Track: Bags

Twitter: @clairo

Two years since breaking through online thanks to some viral YouTube videos, and one year since her impressive label debut EP, Boston-based artist Claire Cottrill (aka Clairo) is dropping her debut full-length […]

Music Discovery: July 2019

Hey there, I’m Leroy Henry, Senior Music Supervisor at PlayNetwork, recently celebrating my 20th year with the company. You hear a lot of people say, “music isn’t what it used to be” and “how can I find new stuff that I don’t know about?” That’s where we come in as music supervisors. I’m always searching high and low for songs that have good melody, interesting arrangements, good quality musicianship, clean and clear production, nice vocals, and maybe even a good message. Here are some of my favorites from the past few months and weeks I’d like to share with you. Hope you enjoy.



  Artist: Jessy Wilson

Track: Clap Your Hands

Twitter: @heymswilson

This is the artist I’m most excited about right now – and if you think she sounds familiar, you’re right. She sang backup to Alicia Keys, was a big part of the Muddy Magnolias, and has worked with John Legend, her mentor. Imagine sassy, sultry vocals with a seductive […]

Music Discovery: June 2019

Why hello there! I’m Kalla Vavra, an Associate Music Supervisor and Voice Talent here at PlayNetwork. If you’ve been living under a rock that has been buried 20 feet underground since April 14th, you’ve probably been blessed to avoid any or all conversation regarding Game of Thrones. Not me. I, along with the other millions of viewers, am an avid GoT fan and I threw caution to the wind and poured my whole being into the last season of this sacred series. I immersed myself in all things Game of Thrones related and upon my research, I was lucky to come across the album For The Throne (Music Inspired by the HBO Series Game of Thrones). The songs inspired by the TV series led me to thinking, are there other songs that have been inspired by television or film? The answer is yes, but we’re going to focus on the For The Throne album for the time being. Below are my favorite tracks from the album. Enjoy!

Music Discovery: May 2019

Hello! I’m Mark Campbell, Music Supervisor here at PlayNetwork. For as long as I can remember I’ve been drawn to electronic sounds. From the voice of R2-D2 to assorted audio logos heard in television shows and commercials, these noises have always grabbed my attention. So naturally, this fascination is reflected in a large portion of my musical tastes. Here’s a few new tracks I’ve discovered that feature my favorite musical instrument of all time (the synthesizer) front and center. Enjoy!


Artist: Tycho

Track: Easy

Twitter: @ISO50

Scott Hansen, known professionally as Tycho, recently dropped this track as a prelude to his forthcoming album. Mostly instrumental (with some nebulous background vocals), this track features a successful and compelling blend of electronic and acoustic elements. Moreover, the buttery-smooth synth lead almost makes you forget you’re listening to electronic music altogether.

Artist: Robotaki

Track: Beaches

Twitter: @Robotaki

Fun fact: Preston Anthony Chin, better known by his stage name Robotaki, has […]