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Music Discovery: December 2018

This month’s music discovery blog comes to you from Music Service Manager, Dean Carlson who is sharing three of his current favorite tracks performed by some amazing new artists. Check out our December playlist and discover some great new tracks to add to your rotation, handpicked by our entire music team.




Looking for some new music? Here are three artists to watch in 2019, from all around the globe, who I believe will continue to gain more fans and exposure in the coming year. Each of these tracks are on heavy rotation in my own playlists–I hope that you enjoy them too! 

Artist: J.S. Ondara

Track: American Dream

Twitter: @jsondara

Singer-songwriter J.S. Ondara was born and raised in Nairobi, Kenya, and moved to Minneapolis, Minnesota to pursue a career in music, partly due to his adoration of native Bob Dylan. You can easily hear the influence in this powerful track “American Dream,” which also showcases his intimate singing style. His […]

Music Discovery: November 2018

This month’s music discovery comes to you by Nicole Maroutsos, who is one of our Music Service Managers within our Music Team. Our November BrandRadio playlist has been handpicked by our entire music team to enhance your playlist with this month’s music discovery.




In the past few months, we’ve seen a new trend arise: the ode to throwbacks. Songwriters seem to be more nostalgic than ever before, singing about the good old days and referencing iconic tracks of yore. These three tracks were released within the past six months and all take it back to the old school.

Artist: Anne-Marie

Track: 2002

Twitter: @AnneMarie

Nostalgic reference weave in and out of this ballad that Anne-Marie co-wrote with Ed Sheeran and Julia Michaels. In just the chorus alone, there are six references from tracks released in the late 90’s and early 00’s; “Oops, I got 99 problems singing ‘bye, bye, bye’ / Hold up, if you wanna go and take […]

Music Discovery: October 2018

This month’s music discovery comes to you by one our Associate Music Supervisor, Ruben Lira. Our October BrandRadio playlist has been handpicked by our entire music team to set your playlist in the right direction with this month’s music discovery.




This month’s choices are focused on those songs which seem out of place with mainstream. The songs I picked are those that take the listener on a journey through highs and lows within the song. Some of the songs are slow and some are a ride into an uplifting euphoria. These songs are hidden gems, which rarely get the spotlight but never the less, deserve recognition of the artistic substance they encompass.

Artist: Maggie Rogers

Track: Fallingwater

Twitter: @maggierogers

This song seems to take the formula of a song and reverse it. Rather than a slow build up, the song seems to pulsate at the beginning, then slows down the tempo within the middle, and finally ends on a […]

Music Discovery: September 2018

This month’s Music Discovery Blog comes from one of our Associate Music Supervisors, Kalla Vavra who has highlighted three movie scenes brought to life by music. You can peep these tunes below and be sure to check out the new addition of the September BrandRadio playlist, brought to you by our music team to refresh and impress your ears.



Music supervisors have a pretty cool job. On a daily basis, we take a deep dive into the right side of our brains, the side that sparks creativity and enhances the artistic senses, to create an emotional connection and reaction through the power of music. At PlayNetwork, music supervisors use music to enhance a brand’s identity through custom-curated playlists.

This month, I’m highlighting key scenes that have struck a chord with me (pun intended) due solely to the music placement. Whenever and wherever I hear the following songs, their corresponding scenes instantly play in my mind. Whittling my choices down to just […]

Music Discovery: August 2018

This month’s music discovery blog is brought to you by Grady Tyree who makes it all happen in procurement and label relations! Our playlist is all new and has been handpicked by our entire music team to hopefully help you stay cool during the hot summer month of August!




This month’s selection of tasty ear-worms come out of pure discovery, as in I’m trying to refrain from rehashing content that is a known quantity to your ears. This month, I’m tipping you listeners and readers off to my own exploratory work and discovery, new artists that were unknown’s to me until 2018. This is no easy task, but I’m always up for a challenge.

Artist: Rainbow Kitten Surprise

Twitter: @RKSBandOfficial

Track: Fever Pitch

Hailing from the mountains of Boone, NC, the genre-blending, harmonizing quintet known as Rainbow Kitten Surprise pack a formidable punch that will have you reflecting, at times, on the early releases of Modest Mouse or Kings […]