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A unique creative process designed to give your brand a strategic, actionable approach to music. Think of it as the music section of your brand guidelines.

Music is a strategic brand element that works in concert with logos, typefaces, colors, messaging, and products to define your brand identity. The world’s most respected brands depend on us to create and manage this music point of view for their global presence, including Starbucks, Nike, Marriott, and more.


Our process begins with acquiring deep intelligence to understand every aspect of a brand and its competitive space. We read brand guidelines, visit corporate offices and store locations, and interview employees in a variety of locations and roles. We review marketing campaigns, social media sentiment, customer personas and brand pillars, and supplement that with market and audience-level data.


We then analyze our findings and use our expertise in genres, trends, and styles of music to create a music identity. By combining attributes, archetypes, and narratives of your core customers, we’re able to identify musical artists that reflect both your customers and brand. This scope becomes the foundation for the brand’s music approach, and serves as the North Star for programming, scheduling, and delivery requirements.



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