Best of 2011 – A Year in Hip-Hop: Changing Faces and DIY Success

Our last of the Best of 2011 series gives us Blake Kirpes’ picks for best in Hip-Hop (put the kids to bed…consider yourselves, warned).

“While people were busy watching the throne, ‘we’ stormed the castle” – Sage Francis

And storming the “castle” is exactly what the new faces of Hip-Hop did.  The sheer abundance of new artists, break–out albums, and future classics crammed into 2011, is something of which hip-hop has never seen. In 2011, the hip-hop scene burgeoned with fresh faces and break-outs boasting styles unlike any heard before. Diversity reigned supreme.

Das Racists and Danny Brown mixed personal and social consciousness with humor. Here’s a video from Das Racists for Michael Jackson.


Shabazz Palaces and Death Grips stretched the boundaries of the art form. Sims (Doomtree) and Tyler, the Creator (Oddfuture) released critically acclaimed solo projects alongside collaborations with their respective crews. Action Bronson put a fresh spin on an old sound, while […]

Big K.R.I.T feat. Yelawolf – “Hometown Hero” remix

Def Jam found no hesitation when it came time to sign their newest artist, Big K.R.I.T, to their label. His most recent mixtape, “K.R.I.T. wuz here”, was released earlier this month, and caught the attention of Yelawolf, another talented artist who wanted to throw down onto the track, “Hometown Hero“. Below is a link that has the remixed version with Yelawolf’s contributions. Both artists are dropping a future mixtape together entitled “Country Cu$$ins”, so be on the lookout for it as it is anticipated to be one of the hottest mixtapes to circulate this year. Southern hip hop has been revived through these two talented musicians and I look forward to hear what they collaborate on in the future. PLEASE NOTE DISCLAIMER – The lyrics in the track are unedited and may be offensive in nature to some. Listener discretion is advised.

Please click right HERE to preview the track.

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