Best of 2011 – A Year in Hip-Hop: Changing Faces and DIY Success

Our last of the Best of 2011 series gives us Blake Kirpes’ picks for best in Hip-Hop (put the kids to bed…consider yourselves, warned).

“While people were busy watching the throne, ‘we’ stormed the castle” – Sage Francis

And storming the “castle” is exactly what the new faces of Hip-Hop did.  The sheer abundance of new artists, break–out albums, and future classics crammed into 2011, is something of which hip-hop has never seen. In 2011, the hip-hop scene burgeoned with fresh faces and break-outs boasting styles unlike any heard before. Diversity reigned supreme.

Das Racists and Danny Brown mixed personal and social consciousness with humor. Here’s a video from Das Racists for Michael Jackson.


Shabazz Palaces and Death Grips stretched the boundaries of the art form. Sims (Doomtree) and Tyler, the Creator (Oddfuture) released critically acclaimed solo projects alongside collaborations with their respective crews. Action Bronson put a fresh spin on an old sound, while […]

June 25th, 2010 – One Year After We Lost Our King Of Pop

It’s now coming up on a year since the world of music lost their King of Pop. Responses around the world made it clear that Michael Jackson was a pop icon, and his music and life inspired and touched the hearts of people across multiple generations on a global level. The days following the announcement of his death, tributes to Michael were created throughout the world and shared across the internet. On the one year anniversary of his passing, I wanted to share what I thought were some of the tribute highlights.

The following video is a clip from “Dancing with the Stars” and features Latoya Jackson during the intro and was sponsored by Macy’s. The songs featured are I Want You Back, Man In The Mirror and Thriller. You thought trying to mimic the moves in Thriller were hard, try doing it in 6 inch stilettos on a hard-wood floor. Mad kudus to the ladies for pulling that one off.


Dancing isn’t your cup of tea? […]