Film Review // 20,000 Days on Earth

Paul Wain, one of our Music Supervisors in EMEA, gives us a peek into the new film capturing Nick Cave’s 20,oooth day on earth…

20,000 Days On Earth is a documentary about the singer, writer & international cultural icon Nick Cave, by british artists Iain Forsyth & Jane Pollard. Based around a fictitious 24 hours in Caves life (his 20,000th day on earth), the film features frank insights and intimate portrayal of the artistic process.

Based in his now adopted hometown of Brighton, an appointment with a psychoanalyst, lunch with collaborator Warren Ellis and a visit to the wonderfully reimagined Nick Cave Archive each offer their own insights into the man and his motivations, while a series of car journeys are given a dreamlike quality by various faces conjured from Cave’s past, including actor Ray Winstone and unlikely chart-friendly foil Kylie Minogue.

Around the midway point, “20,000 Days on Earth” starts getting more serious about the music, which is welcome. There are studio snippets of Cave and Ellis working out […]

Nick Cave to rewrite “The Crow”

Ok, so yesterday i was hating on Nick Cave, but today is a new day and i’ve just read some exciting news! Now, i’m not a huge movie buff or anything, but one film i used to love was “The Crow“, and while i usually loathe remakes of already good films, today’s news has me singing a different tune, as Nick Cave has been tapped to pen this one.

For those of us who may not know it, Mr. Cave is regarded as the screenwriting talent for the future, and while i’ve not actually seen anything to his film credit (I’m afraid to, as I love his music and am familiar with the darkness his mind is capable of), the buzz is on!

“The Crow” may be better known as the film Brandon Lee was filming when he was accidentally shot dead on set. While the irony is almost unbearable, it is still a great movie with an even better soundtrack. […]