Psych-Pop Jam Recipe

How do you create THE dreamy blissed out psych-pop jam of Summer 09?

1st, you loop the first couple bars from this garage/pop gem, “What Am I Going To Do” by The Dovers.


…then you add 2 ½  cups of coagulated moose blood…wait, wait. Sorry, different recipe, yo.

Let’s just have Bradford Cox of Deerhunter & Atlas Sound explain the rest…

“I toured for a period in Europe with Animal Collective, whose band dynamic was very inspirational to be around. On the bus, we often played improvised iPod games. We would take turns formulating a theme or unifying concept and then play three songs. The goal would be for everyone to try and figure out the theme. During one of these games, someone played ‘What Am I Going to Do’ by the Dovers. I was amazed at the hook– a weird organ thing with drums and electric bass. I mentioned to Noah [Lennox] that someone should really sample that riff. He agreed and he taught me a little about sampling and matching up beats. This ended up as the collaborative effort ‘Walkabout’.” (courtesy of Pitchfork)

…and Voila! Summer pop perfection. Twirl amongst yourselves.

Atlas Sound feat Noah Lennox – “Walkabout”