Tz’s Daily Dose of Decade: Cast + The La’s

13 years ago, i packed up my little car and drove to the Pacific Northwest to seek fame and fortune. This band was one of my favorite artists, and this song in particular was a great motivator for me! I still haven’t found fame or fortune, but i’ve still got this cd, and i still draw inspiration from it. This is Cast with “Alright/Sandstorm”:


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If Cast sound a bit like The La’s to you, there’s a good reason for that. Cast singer John Power was the bassist for The La’s.


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He grew tired of waiting for Lee Mavers to record a new La’s record, so he formed Cast in the 90’s and went on to even greater success. Mavers was dismissive of Powers and Cast’s music, but they buried the hatchet in 2002 and reformed The La’s for a tour. They still haven’t recorded a 2nd La’s album though…

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