Sunday September 27th at the Triple Door in Seattle

PlayNetwork and Decibel proudly present….

OPTICAL 3 : AMERITRONICA” featuring Folk and Americana infused electronic music performances from Mountains (New York), Benoit Pioulard (Portland) and Goldmund (Boston)

For the third installment of this year’s OPTICAL showcases at the 2009 Decibel Festival, PlayNetwork and Decibel enthusiastically bring a very recently coined genre of advanced electronic, electric and acoustic music that draws on such far-flung and older strains of American folk, classical and early traditional musics with the most advanced of electronic and digital composition. Coined AMERITRONICA this is a pastoral, expansive music that is evocative of nature, wide-open vistas that is yet compellingly modern, technological and abstract.

There is no better example of this sound than that of the New York duo of Koen Holtkamp and Brendon Anderegg as Mountains. Through their own exceptional works and the releases on their Apestaartje label they’ve established themselves as the forerunners of a new hybrid sound that situations itself between the plucked acoustic guitar techniques of Americana legend John Fahey and the subtle electronic textures of labels like Raster-Noton, 12k and City Centre Offices. This is a rare west coast performance from this duo, which promises to be a festival highlight.

Sharing the bill is Kranky recording artist Benoit Pioulard, who for more than a decade has sought to create a unique sonic environment by combining remnants of pop song structures with the lushness and unpredictability of field recordings. Benoit is a masterful songwriter and producer, who possess a unique ability to merge of acoustic instrumentation with electronics.

Opening the showcase is none other than Type Records mainstay Goldmund (aka Helios) who’ll be performing muted, elegiac, shimmering neo-classical piano works that suspend themselves in the air and the listeners mind.

Accompanying video artists for AMERITRONICA include Christina Vantzou of The Dead Texan, 12k/Anticipate Sawako and Seattle’s own esteemed Scott Sunn of Tracer Visuals.

The Triple Door (216 Union St, Seattle)

Doors open at 6pm, show begins at 7pm (for guaranteed seating in the main room, get there early)

Tickets are $25 at the door

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