Tz’s Daily Dose: Damon Albarn

The 2012 Olympic Games will take place in London, and i’ve just read that one of my favorite artists is up for the chance to direct the opening ceremonies. Now, i’m not a big opening ceremonies guy, but the Beijing one was amazing! I don’t suspect that anyone will try to top that for some time, but if Damon Albarn is selected, i know it will be an interesting one. This wouldn’t be the first Olympic Games that he’s created something for. Last summer while the Beijing games were taking place, Damon along with his Gorillaz partner Jamie Hewlett collaborated with acclaimed Chinese theatre and opera director Chen Shi-zheng, staging “Monkey: Journey To The West“. In a bit of cross-promotion, the BBC asked them to create a promo for their coverage of the Beijing Games, and it looks a little something like this!


Unfortunately, i cannot find a way to purchase that track! But Damon did release the soundtrack for “Monkey: Journey To The West“. Here’s the track ‘Monkey Bee’ featured in a short film by Hewlett, promoting said Opera!


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