Heather’s Song of the Day: What You Waiting For?

Today, one of the most influential female pop singers of the 90’s turns the big 4-0. That’s right! Gwen Stefani is 40 years old today. Gwen began her career as lead singer for No Doubt; a title that she still holds today. But in 2004 she branched out into solo work and released her first album as a solo artist, Love. Angel. Music. Baby. The extended version of the video for the lead-off single is a tongue-in-cheek peek at Gwen’s creative process after deciding to try out a solo career. In reality, Gwen worked with a multitude of songwriters and artists to produce a record that was more poppy than the regular No Doubt fare and the album was a smashing success. Since then she has released a second solo album, The Sweet Escape. It all began with today’s Song Of The Day, however. “What You Waiting For” was the song that broke the songwriting ice for Ms. Stefani. Happy Birthday, Gwen!


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