Tz’s Daily Dose: IZ

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what art is, and what art can be. I’m sorry to tell you that i haven’t quite figured it out, but i do know magic. I also know who has the magic and who doesn’t. Years ago, i used to talk about music with an older friend of mine and he’d turn me on to some older stuff that i hadn’t heard and i’d turn him on to some newer stuff. One day he came back from his family’s Hawaiian vacation raving about this man they call Bruddah IZ. On went the CD and out went my mind. I’d heard very little Hawaiian music up to that point and what i had heard did not sound like this! Then I saw the picture on the sleeve and was shocked at what i saw! Not in a bad way, it was just amazing to hear the voice that came out of this body, but the more i listened, the more sense it made. IZ seemed to be the very embodiment of what Hawaii was. He was a mountain of a man and his voice could rumble like the earth, then sail off into the deep blue where the sea meets the sky, all the while a gentle breeze blows to let you know everything is cool. Here’s Israel Kamakawiwo’ole with ‘White Sandy Beach’


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