This Is It

I remember when Michael Jackson’s tour was announced.


This concert was going to be the hugest spectacle of a concert anyone has every seen. And that’s exactly what MJ wanted. My sister’s friend had booked the tour as a back up dancer. He mentioned to her that he would never have to work for the rest of his life. It can’t get any better. He also said, “As a dancer, Michael is one of the most amazing improvisational artists I’ve ever seen in my life…. it seems like he’s never done the same exact set of things twice.

Now all that’s left of the tour are broken hearts, millions of dollars in debt and video footage of the rehearsals. A huge bidding war erupted over this now sacred footage which Sony ultimately won. And people where lined up for days before tickets went on sale September 27 to reserve their seat for the October 28 release of “This Is It”. Kenny Ortega is sure to do the movie justice. He’d been the director of the concert and has been involved with some of the most well known dance movies including ‘Xanadu’ ‘Dirty Dancing’, ‘Newsies’ and most recently the ‘High School Musical’ trilogy.

I am definitely not going to miss this event. As devastating as it was to hear of his much too premature death, I think this film will be a beautiful dedication to his life as an artist and to all of the performers that were lucky enough to be involved.

Discuss and let me know what you think of it all!


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