Lately my Wednesday nights have been completely consumed with this new show and I have become a self-proclaimed “Gleek”. This show is full of everything I love: music, comedy, drama and dance. Ever since the pilot episode of Glee premiered last spring, I have made a point of watching every single episode (multiple times), listening to soundtracks and keeping up with the rapidly expanding Glee community. I used to live in the Midwest and compete in junior high show choir competitions hoping that, as an upperclassman, I would make the “10th Street Edition” show team. Before that was even a possibility, I moved to Washington where jazz choirs replaced show choirs. While both are fun, I’m hoping that the popularity of the show might bring more show choirs out west!!

Much of the cast has appeared on Broadway which adds to the excitement. I just about had a heart attack when Kristen Chenowith made a guest appearance. Just yesterday ‘Glee The Music: Volume 1’ went on sale! Even though the show has been on hiatus for the World Series you can get your fix by streaming or buying the soundtrack HERE: Not only can you buy the soundtrack, you can show off your ‘Gleekiness’ by getting the sheet music too!

Here’s a little clip to enjoy!


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