Concert Review: Ghostland Observatory

In the starlit, smoke-filled red hazy darkness of The Triple Door main stage I anxiously awaited one of my favorite live performers to grace the stage. Ghostland Observatory always brings the energy, ambiance and perfectly unique beats to their shows. This weekend was no exception. Thanks to KEXP, The Triple Door and PlayNetwork, I was able to go to this short, private performance for KEXP donors. I went with my brother who had never seen them before nor is old enough to see most of their 21+ performances. I told him to prepare to be blown away.

DJ Michele Myers let us have a little sneak peak of the stage before hand and got us even more excited for the afternoon laser light show. After a fire alarm set back and a visit from the fire marshal, Ghostland was ready to go. We sat next to a couple of seasoned veterans and talked about how badly we want to see “Midnight Voyage”. Sure enough, Thomas Turner entered the stage through the thick fog in a baby blue cape and the crowd erupted in cheers when he started playing the first few electronic beats. The tall, lanky lead singer Aaron Behrens followed and danced his way through the mini set in the midst of the most dazzling light show I have ever seen.

I didn’t want it to end as I bobbed my head; giddy in my chair whishing I had the guts to join the guy who went up to the stage to get high five and a hug. After the show, I asked my brother what he thought and all he could say was, “Absurd”.

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