Heather’s Song of the Day: Keep Fishin’

Weezer has been known for their clever videos from the very beginning. Their debut video was filmed in a single take and featured a bunch of dogs running through the set. I love Weezer’s second video, for the song “Buddy Holly.” It was filmed to look like the guys were in an episode of the TV show Happy Days. It is almost seamless, and features all of the Happy Days’ cast, including the Fonz.

Weezer have done a ton of other cool videos. In “Island In The Sun” they played with a bunch of baby animals. For “Pork and Beans” the guys wrangled a bunch of YouTube stars to appear with them in the clip, which turned the video into a YouTube sensation by proxy. But of all of the Weezer videos, I have one ultimate favorite. It’s for the song “Keep Fishin’” and it features the entire cast from The Muppet Show. Watching it is like watching a piece of my childhood. So here is the video for today’s Song Of The Day, “Keep Fishin’.” (Special note: watch for the flipping penguins and the hecklers, Statler and Waldorf, at the end of the video!) Enjoy!


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