Cher Knows Best

When I was in middle school I started getting into the whole exercise video fad. Luckily my mom had some golden gems already in our VHS collection. Among the “Buns of Steel” and Jane Fonda workouts, there’s one that stands out to this day. It’s the Cher “Body Confidence” workout tape. My little brother would even do the workout with me. Here are some reasons why it’s hilariously awesome:
1. Cher wears ridiculous outfits. The back-up ‘dancers’ wear some pretty good ones too.
2. Awesome 90’s music. Including “Dance to the Music”. What else do you need to get pumped up?
3. Choreographed by Doriana Sanchez who was one of the dancers in Dirty Dancing and the choreographer for the live show and Cher’s Farewell “Living Proof” Tour.
4. It sells new on Amazon for $45-50! It’s even under the collectibles category.

You have to see it to believe it! CLICK HERE TO WATCH!!!

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