Tz’s Daily Dose: Black Grape

What makes a performer a legend? 1 Great song? 1 Great band? A Built in mythology? Possible alien lineage? Well, one man has more than one of the above, and he’s also got a dancing fool comrade. Mr. Shaun Ryder. Originally the leader of Happy Mondays, legends in their own right, he also went on to front Black Grape in the midst of Britpop hysteria. Co-existing while simultaneously taking shots at bands like Oasis, Pulp & Blur.

Black Grape are reuniting after 13 years apart, so let’s celebrate and relearn the BEZ dance!


It being a World Cup year, as well as nearing the MLS season opener, let’s have another;
and if it’s cool enough for Joe Strummer, it’s cool enough for you!


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