South Korea loves Iowa???

My husband is a huge Iowa Hawkeye fan (and has converted me as well). So every day he reads about Iowa Hawkeye football, wrestling and basketball. When college football season rolls around he goes a little nuts. We dress up in our Iowa gear and head over to Buckley’s in Lower Queen Anne to meet with our fellow Hawkeyes, watch the game, drink, eat and sing the fight song with the trombone and an occasional sax and snare as our band!

Amongst our fellow Iowans, we stumbled across this gem of a video. It’s a Korean girl band called Girl’s Generation (who’ve topped the charts in South Korea) that apparently has some affection toward an Iowa Hawkeye football helmet. So random. But I love it—it’s so catchy! And who doesn’t love a good ‘I’m-having-so-much-fun-all-the-time’ Korean pop girl band?


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