Concert Review: Black Eyed Peas

I used to jam to Black Eyed Peas constantly when they came out with their first album. It was the most perfect cardio music! I started listening to them less and less the more popular they became but they always had a special place in my heart. (I still think their less popular songs are way better than their top hits.)

We got tickets to see them at the Tacoma Dome which is definitely not my favorite music venue. But that didn’t matter because Ludacris was opening! So random! They put on a fantastic show full of space-aged outfits, a flying motorcycle and a few lesser known songs off of my beloved Elephunk album. I really enjoyed when each member of the band got to sing an entire solo song. even did short little tributes to Michael Jackson, The Eurythmics, and Journey among others. Luda even came out mid-act to sing a song with the band. The whole show was much more than I expected and thrilling the entire time. If only I could rock like Fergie!


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