Trendwatch 2010: Bikini Top Accoutrements

Within the last week and a half, two pop stars have released music videos that they hope will propel their accompanying songs to the top of the summer charts.  Last week, Lady Gaga gave us “Alejandro,” an homage to just about every video Madonna has ever done, with a little bit of Evita thrown in for good measure.  Wednesday, Katy Perry posted her clip for “California Gurls,” which reminded me mostly of the game Candyland that I loved so dearly as a child.  (I fear I shall never be able to play that game ever again without thinking of a naked Katy Perry wearing a Queen Frostine wig.  Sad.)

These videos obviously couldn’t be more different…except for one thing. Both Katy and Gaga and some point during the video sport a bikini top featuring some kind of strange accessory. Katy actually does this several times -mostly with pastry-related items- but the highlight(?) is at 3:23 when she has actual spraying cans of whipped cream strapped to her chest.


Lady Gaga, on the other hand, is packing some heat. She’s got machine gun muzzles on her bikini top, which obviously makes dancing to her Ace of Base-inspired beat a bit tricky. Skip to 6:16 (yeah, it’s a long video!) to see what I mean.


Ladies, the obvious trend of the summer is to stick things to your bra, so let’s get out those glue guns!


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