Cirque Du Soleil – Kooza

I’ve seen many shows as a fanatic of live theater performances – particularly comedy, Broadway, dance, and Cirque Du Soleil.  The Grand Chapiteau set up camp right in PlayNetwork’s backyard, Marymoor Park, so it wasn’t long until I just had to go.  Kooza wasn’t my favorite show from the incredibly talented and strange people at Cirque, but it certainly was entertaining.  It still gave me all the feelings these shows should –  wonderment, excitement, fun, thrill…


A lot of the Cirque shows are great for kids but this one has a Grimm Reaper scene and a giant dog that I, for one, thought was terrifying.  Of course I laughed nervously as the dog ran into the audience (because the children, for some reason, thought it was hysterical).  The show reminded me of one of my favorite movies as a kid, Little Nemo (which was also a bit like a horror movie to me but I watched it anyway because sometimes it’s good to give yourself nightmares).


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