2 Scots: 1 on the Highway To Hell, 1 Alive & Kicking

Today is the birthday of 2 famous Scots.

The first, is none other than the legendary late Ronald Belford! Who is that you ask? Well, take a look at this…


The Late, Great Bon Scott (July 9th, 1946 – February 19th, 1980)! The original (and some say the best) singer for Australia’s AC/DC.

Happy Birthday Bon, wherever you are…

The second Scottish Birthday Boy is singer-songwriter Jim Kerr (b. 1959), frontman for long-standing Scottish band Simple Minds, who happen to be this photographers favorite band!

Most people know Simple Minds from their one-big-hit “Don’t You Forget About Me“, from the 80’s Film Classic ‘The Breakfast Club‘. However, they have a 30+ year career, with many great songs that you may not have heard before, so let’s check out a couple, shall we?

Here’s “Someone, Somewhere, In Summertime”…


Yes, you are right! Charlie Burchill does wear his guitar too high! But it’s not his birthday is it?
Here’s “East At Easter”…


Happy Birthday Jim, where you are…

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