Kristin Hersh’s new Book? new CD? “Crooked”

Just read in Billboard that Kristin Hersh is releasing her new album “Crooked” with book publisher HarperCollins! I’m not sure what section you’ll have to look in to buy it, but with the record industry collapsing, this is a shrewd move on her part. Is it a book with a CD, or a CD with a book? You decide. Each copy comes with a download code, recording stems for remixing, track-by-track audio commentary and a fan forum. The book contains color artwork and an essay about each song on the album. That sounds pretty cool actually!

This got me thinking about which artists could benefit most from this new arrangement. Perhaps the new Justin Bieber CD will be packaged with a coloring book? Or maybe the new Marilyn Manson will come with a pocket Bible? The new Who record could be another breakthrough, with the first CD/Braille Book packaging?

Kristin is on to something here i think…

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