Bumbershoot Comedy Recap

So I did it!  I completed my goal of watching every single non-local comedy show.  It took the whole three days and a lot of following special guest and my imaginary friend Doug Benson around but I did it.  He proves the worth of Twitter with his smart one-liners and ‘Where’s Doug‘ secret sayings to get free merch.


Bumbershoot did a great job of designating venues for certain genres of comedy.  Vera Project was local acts, Charlotte Martin was musical comedy, and Intiman was your typical stand up.

The musical comedy was a lot of fun and pretty much everyone involved had toured with Flight of the Concords.  I saw David O’Doherty open for my celebrity crush Demetri Martin a couple years ago and I still reminisce the hilarity his performance produced.  His dad was a trained jazz pianist and D.O.D. plays his things like “My Beefs 2010” on his 1984 tiny electric yamaha keyboard.  Sell out performances by Patton Oswalt and Garfunkel & Oates also graced this stage.

The Intiman stage had the best couple of show I saw.  Including Kumail Kanjiani, Nick Kroll, John Mulaney, Joe Mande, Chelsea Peretti, and Donald Glover.  Don’t know them?  Look them up and go watch some live comedy! (Note: Comedy Central Live doesn’t count.)

Way to go Bumbershoot for another amazing year of stand up comedy!!!  Also, Ozomatli rocked.

Kymberlee Taylor
Executive Assistant/Sales Coordinator
PlayNetwork, Inc.