SXSW 2011 – Day Three

As I stare into my iPhone to collect my thoughts…and with 4 shots of espresso coursing through my veins…I am now aware that already almost 48 hours have passed since my last post. But considering the massive scale of this production, and total success yesterday of our maurices Small Town Sound showcase at Speakeasy and our Girls Rock Showcase at Cedar Street, it was worth the delay. The venue was packed. Audri & Aaron’s SXSWdebut, literally, brought more than a few folks on the floor to tears. Sick of Sarah and Vanity Theft absolutely blew the roof off. And the Bangles were amazing, rocked it, and brought it all home to a sold out house!

AND… We shot an interview and PlayLive live performance with Sir Bob Geldof at Austin City Limits. You have no idea how cool this was. Indescribable!

AND…We shot an interview with Moby from 28 floors high overlooking Austin at night…and then captured him DJ’ing to a packed house. Brilliant!

AND FINALLY…We had a private PlayNetwork and maurices industry party during the Girls Rock Showcase to celebrate this beautiful marriage that lasted into the wee hours. Guests included Jamie Lauren from Top Chef Season 5. Awesome person and knows how to “place an order” with the chef…and wait for it…Jon Hamm! Oh yeah: ‘Don Draper’ himself. We had a Gibson and toasted to another day of great music.

…and our PlayNetwork crews captured every moment and every note.

Day 4 is underway. Speakeasy showcase again with Fontana. More about that on Day 5.

Cue my heightened excitement and anticipation…Times 2.

John Crooke, Sr. Director Creative Development – PlayNetwork