Why Creativity Matters: The Power of Original Thinking

The industry is changing…..
Brands today have high expectations for their marketing programs and consumer expectations of what’s original are even higher. Large numbers of Gen X, Millennials, and Baby Boomers share an evolved online and social media-fueled habit of content consumption. Consumers today have more options, more demand, and more control over what they want to experience, and how and when to do it. With that in mind, traditional communication strategies must be re-focused to capture and hold the attention of this media savvy, content-craving audience in new ways. As a result, a shift towards new models that facilitate big ideas, custom production and alternative distribution channels of exclusive and relevant branded entertainment content is not only necessary, it’s happening.

With every new customer comes a new opportunity to extend that critical brand-to-consumer conversation “outside of the four walls” of the retail space and into their daily lives. This mindset offers a broader, more personal, opportunity for brands to engage with their audience on a variety of digital media platforms to tell stories that are authentic and strengthen brand loyalty not only in the store, but beyond the store. Having an initial “emotional” conversation rather than dialogue that is purely “transactional” is more meaningful, and ultimately holds more power. Encouraging “buy-in before buying” can turn that emotional currency into loyalty and trust. This is the point where creative thought leadership and vision can become the most consequential.

Great ideas are currency…..
If the idea is good, it has value. It builds equity that means something for the owner and inspires confidence in the audience. It can become the defining difference between triumph and falling short. We need to …

To tell a better story.
To whip people into a frenzy.
To support.
To empower.
To partner.
To dream.
To evangelize.

We all have talents and strengths that lean in one direction over another, but it is critical to success to not only leverage our singular talents, but openly draft and learn from each other to unify and expand our collaborative arsenal. This is an everyday proposition, becoming well versed and capable of conceptual and strategic thinking in all disciplines, verticals, and categories. Not just one or two.

Fast thinking. Dreaming on the spot and securing that dream to a business objective. Being the storytellers, the writers, the pitchmen, the producers, the agents, the singers, the actors, the designers, and the strategists. Intuitively tapping into these archetypes at a moment’s notice, commanding the attention of the audience, and instilling supreme confidence in anyone sitting across the desk or on the other end of a phone call, email, text, tweet, or post…that being a your partner, your colleague, your client is the right place to be.

This is the alchemy where conversation turns trust into equity, and this is where the creative spark can burn cleanly to bring to light the power of original thinking.

-John Crooke, Vice President, Creative