Kore Ionz: Reggae Today! On the PlayLive Stage

With the weather being so incredible this past week, a few things come to mind: beaches, cold beer, and reggae. I can’t think of a better band to bless our stage this Wednesday than Kore Ionz. The band’s members seem to be a human melting pot from all walks of life, coming together for the love of reggae and music in general. With the reggae scene in the Northwest being small, Kore Ionz has built a surprisingly large local fan base, representing the genre to the fullest with uplifting melodies and world beats.

[youtube http://youtu.be/nCNOo4e0EwE]

They’ve taken their positive message off the stage as well, making regular appearances at fundraisers, schools, and juvenile detentions centers. The band even donated half the proceeds from their 2008 release Half-Hour Revolution to the Service Board, plus volunteering their time and expertise to Arts Corps (who PlayNetwork has also partnered up with), both Seattle nonprofit that supports youth programs. I, for one feel extremely lucky to live in a city where bands like Kore Ionz care and connect with the community in so many ways. Should be a fun show!