Live Music Performances Take-off as Next Upgrade To Sea-Tac Airport Experience the City of Music

Twelve Week Pilot Program Begins

Seattle, WA – March 25, 2013 That music in your head is performing right next to you! That could be the case on your next visit to Seattle-Tacoma International Airport.

Live music performances from local, Northwest artists began today at multiple locations in the terminal as the next upgrade of the Sea-Tac Airport Experience The City of Music program. The twelve-week pilot program aims to enhance the passenger experience in the terminal and highlight the region’s diverse music culture.

“We are very proud of our music heritage in the Northwest, and we continue to have a thriving music scene with great up and coming new artists,” said Port of Seattle Commissioner John Creighton. “The airport is a welcome mat for visitors to our region and this is a unique way to showcase Northwest culture to the thousands of travelers who come through our airport each day.”

“A live music program at the airport is not only a great way to further anchor our region’s gateway in our rich, local music culture, but also gives local musicians a new venue to gain exposure and earn a paycheck,” said Mayor Mike McGinn. “It’s exciting to see the Sea-Tac Airport’s Experience the City of Music Initiative grow to include live performances.”

The live music performances will occur Monday through Friday, ranging between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. at various locations throughout the terminal. After four performers on opening day, two performers will be scheduled daily for four (4)-hour sets, with breaks.

Locations include:
Inside the security checkpoints at:

  • The central terminal food court area
  • Oncourse A in the food court between gates A5 and A6
  • The intersection of concourses C and D
  • The main terminal train stations for the north and south satellites

Outside security at:

  • The Gina Marie Lindsay Arrivals Hall

Times and locations are subject to change and could vary as the program evolves based on traveler feedback. For detailed schedules and locations, refer to the port website here. Performers interested in participating in the program can find more information at our website.

The Sea-Tac Airport City of Music program – a cooperative effort by the Port of Seattle, Seattle Music Commission and PlayNetwork – is a comprehensive effort to enhance the traveler experience with the music of Northwest artists including overhead music, safety and public information announcements by artists, curated videos on terminal and baggage claim monitors, and a multi-channel web radio player available through the free airport Wi-Fi network.

In just the first year of the program, 32 local artists have volunteered their time to taping overhead welcome, security and informational announcements including such diverse artists as Macklemore, Ben Gibbard, Ann Wilson, Sir Mix-A-Lot, Jerry Cantrell, Fly Moon Royalty, Quincy Jones, Ludovic Morlot, Brandi Carlile, John Popper, Allen Stone and many more.

For sample audio clips, including the recent addition of Quincy Jones’ airport announcement and more information on the program, visit the Sea-Tac Airport Music Initiative page. The page also has more information on how artists can submit music or video content.

When you are at Sea-Tac Airport, travelers can also submit feedback or let the airport know what they are hearing by following @SeaTacAirport on Twitter and using #SEACityofMusic.

About the Sea-Tac Airport Experience the City of Music
In a private/public partnership between Sea-Tac Airport, the Seattle Music Commission, and PlayNetwork, this effort is a comprehensive program to enhance the traveler’s experience through exposure to the diverse variety of musical artists from the Pacific Northwest. The program includes overhead music in common areas, a pilot program of live artist performances in the terminal, artistrecorded overhead announcements, curated videos on terminal and baggage claim monitors, and a multi-channel web radio player available through the free airport Wi-Fi network.

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