Music & Marketing Intelligence Center from PlayNetwork

Introducing PlayNetwork’s Music & Marketing Intelligence Center, a sponsorship with Advertising Age

In our daily conversations with brands large and small, we frequently get asked similar questions about music, brands, consumers, and marketing, including:

  • What should a brand consider when incorporating music into the brand identity or marketing mix?
  • What trends do we see in the way brands use music today and foresee in the future?
  • What effect can music have on the customer experience?
  • What goes into building a music program that aligns with brand strategy?
  • How can a brand take a music strategy global?
  • What are the best ways to use music content in across customer touch points – in-store, at events, through the web, and on device?

We’ve answered all these and more in our Music & Marketing Intelligence Center, a digital experience hosted by the leading publication for advertising and marketing, Advertising Age.

Here you can find a wealth of content related to the topic, including our nine keys to marketing through and with music in 2014, an original mini-documentary on music discovery, a video series on building a music program, case studies on recent brand initiatives, an Ask the Expert area with answers to submitted questions (where you can also submit your own), and even a streaming music player to help you discover some new tunes.

We want to share our obsession with music, brands, and customer experience with everyone who visits, and are delighted to have this opportunity.

If you have a question, feedback, or want to talk more about how we see these worlds evolving, feel free to drop us a line.