Storytelling Isn’t Just For Kids

Think of an unforgettable brand. What makes it stand out from all the others?

Part of the stickiness this brand has can be tied to its “narrative” – the story that tells who the brand is, what it stands for, and who it aims to be. Brand narratives are becoming more and more critical as marketing, technology and consumers evolve.   As a trend, we’re witnessing customers care about more than just price or product.  They want to believe in what they buy and who they buy it from.

Weaving creative platforms, like entertainment media, and music into storytelling can help brands rise above advertising and promotions, which allows them to connect with customers outside of transactional cycles. These content mediums allow a brand to get personal and engage with audiences without having to hard sell. This type of interaction has the power to not only appeal to the senses, but also enrich the brand story.

Of the many benefits we hear from brands who have developed and tell their narratives with branded content, these are the most common:

  • It uniquely positions the brand. No longer is the brand/customer interaction based purely on advertising.
  • The connection made has an emotional appeal, allowing it to transform from transaction to experience.
  • It helps articulate the brand’s mission and values. It’s more than just saying what a brand “is”, but demonstrates its heart and soul.
  • It’s more effective than traditional advertising, giving consumers the means to build a community around the brand and create fans.
  • It helps both a brand and customer, better understand each other and connect on common ground.

Translating a brand’s identity and promise into content, and then delivering that content across multiple platforms can impact the associations a customer has with a brand. Marc Jacobs saw this opportunity and acted, creating a global music program that ensures all locations embody its distinct New York flair while sharing an element – music – with customers around globe. They considered many of the nine keys to using music in their marketing mix and as a storytelling medium, and the result has set the tone for the brand, in-store and beyond.

If all the world’s a stage, brands should be ready to have their stories told – through product, through environments and through content. Why keep your customers waiting?