LIGHTS Brings “Little Machines” To PlayNetwork

As part of our PlayLive concert series, we bring exceptional, diverse, artistic talent to the PlayNetwork offices, exposing our Music Supervisors to new and up-and-coming artists from around the globe. Many of these artists are already playing in-store at your favorite retailers, while others are on the horizon of breaking. Much of what we do hinges on music discovery for our brands, turning them into tastemakers for their consumers.

Juno award-winning Canadian artist LIGHTS recently performed cuts from her latest release, “Little Machines”, at our Redmond headquarters. Lights blew onto the electropop scene in 2008 with her hit “Drive My Soul”, and her brand of gleaming, heartfelt pop music has continued to captivate fans around the globe.

“Running With The Boys” opened the set, with the kind of powerful chorus you’d expect to hear chanted in arenas. “Up We Go” showcases Light’s gorgeously fun vocals, only surpassed by her on-stage energy. Much has been said about Light’s road to rediscovery during the writing of “Little Machines” (she shared that the verse for “Muscle Memory” came to her as she drew a bubble bath), but her story for the album’s closer, “Don’t Go Home Without Me”, was simply heartwarming. While pregnant with her daughter Rocket Wild, Lights took a solo trip to the deserts of New Mexico to focus on songwriting, with a promise to pen something each day. Her most intimate love song, “Don’t Go Home Without Me”, came during her time alone with baby Rocket, dreaming of her family’s future.

With “Little Machines”, Lights brings pure of heart songwriting layered with themes of nostalgia and simpler times, all wrapped in pop sensibilities – now available on Warner Bros. Records.