Music Discovery: November 2015

Doing a quick google search, you can find a mountain of articles about the resurgence of the 90’s – From InStyle to Buzzfeed and Allure to Pop Sugar; 90’s fashion, art, and music is once again “all that.”

One of our Music Supervisors, Blake Kirpes, has featured four songs, from Pale Honey, DILLY DALLY, Blood Orange, and Diiv, who are all representing the 90’s and its influences, through their music. You can check out these songs as well as many other new releases (both 90’s and non-90’s influenced), chosen by our Music Supervisor team by using the BrandRadio player below.



Artist: Pale Honey

Twitter: @palehoneyband

Track: Fish

Pale Honey is a Swedish female indie rock duo with an amazing self-titled debut! Their new album sounds completely fresh and new, but it also harkens back to the striped down 90’s albums like PJ Harvey’s “To Bring You My Love,” and 1998’s self-titled debut from a little band called Queens of the Stone Age. It’s dark, it’s dynamic, and it’s got distortion…do you need anything else?



Twitter: @DillyDallyTO

Track: Desire

Although lead single “Desire” was released earlier in the year, the Toronto band’s 90’s influence debut album “Sore” was just released in October. DILLY DALLY, along with similar bands such as Bully, are setting themselves apart and gaining a large following with their modern execution of a revitalized “grunge” sound.


Artist: Blood Orange

Twitter: @devhynes

Track: Sandra’s Smile

Not only is the 90’s era grunge making a comeback, so is 90’s Hip-Hop and R&B. This new Blood Orange single “Sandra’s Smile,” brings back memories of 90’s groups like Boyz II Men, Shai, Silk, and Jodeci.


Artist: DIIV

Twitter: @DIIV

Track: Dopamine

Another band which is often associated sonically with the 90’s, is Brooklyn band Diiv; which is fronted by Beach Fossils member Zachary Cole Smith. Diiv’s new song “Dopamine” is the lead single off of their upcoming sophomore album titled, “Is The Is Are,” which is slated for February 5, 2016.