Featured Artist: Baroness

For those who don’t dwell in the dark, foreboding world of metal, or heavy music, it’s easy to know why this band would be unknown to you at this point, but after you’ve read through this post  your excuses for not knowing are at an end.

Baroness is a behemoth of a band, incorporating elements of heavy metal, sludge, progressive metal, and more recently heavy rock. The band rose up from the swampy magnolia roots of Savannah, GA, to take the metal world by force in the mid-2000’s with their initial releases, Red and Blue. In 2011, the band released what I consider to be their Physical Graffiti-album, Yellow And Green, a heavy, melodic opus that was so big they had to make it a double album. While touring in Europe for Yellow And Green, the band was involved in a pretty gnarly bus accident that left their lead singer/guitarist with a broken arm and leg, while the original bassist and drummer both suffered vertebrae injuries that would force them to leave the band, and guitarist Pete Adams was treated and released with lesser injuries. After a long and grueling rehabilitation and the addition of a new rhythm section, John (vox/guitar) and Pete hit the road with Nick Jost (bassist) and Sebastian Thomson (drummer) to finish out the touring cycle for Yellow And Green before taking time to start recording their follow-up, Purple.

In December of last year, the band released the single, “Shock Me”, and to the fans of Baroness it was a rebirth of sorts, a return to the crunchy riffs and pummeling drums they heard on early efforts, not to mention the mass commercial appeal of the song, it’s easily the most accessible track for the uninitiated. “Shock Me” has the ring of a bona-fide rock radio smash, and while it hasn’t exactly followed that trajectory, I’m here to put it in the forefront of your mind and ears.

So, if you would, please listen to one of the best rock songs from one of the best heavy rock bands continuing to push boundaries and change expectations!

Artist: Baroness

Twitter: @YourBaroness

Track: Shock Me

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