Music Discovery: June 2016

During the day-to-day process of matching bands with brands, our Music Supervisors are obliged to listen to an eclectic spectrum of music. From high-fashion retailers to fast-casual restaurants, the search for needed content exposes our team to a wide range of emerging talent and overlooked classics.

One of our Music Supervisors, Tom Killorin, has featured three songs from Charlie Musselwhite, Bubble Puppy, and Peter Wolf which reflect the diverse scope of songs our team utilizes on a daily basis. You can check out these songs, as well as many other new releases chosen by our Music Supervisor team, using the BrandRadio player below.


Artist: Charlie Musselwhite

Twitter: @musselwhiteharp

Track: Good Blues Tonight

There are blues harmonica players and then there is the master-class tone and verve of Charlie Musselwhite. That Musselwhite smile is genuine and he is one of the friendliest down to-earth musicians you will ever meet. The American Blues ambassador has over 50 years on the road. The mere opening of his harmonica case is cause for applause.


Artist: Bubble Puppy

Twitter: @TheBubblePuppy

Track: Hot Smoke & Sassafras

In December of 1968, a band out of Texas with the percussive name Bubble Puppy scored a number one hit across the globe with a song called “Hot Smoke And Sassafras.” This one-hit-wonder is a textbook example of how to make a spectacular song: concise, precise garage rock-n-roll.


Artist: Peter Wolf

Facebook: Peter Wolf Music

Track: How Do You Know

A Cure For Loneliness is the eighth solo album from the former DJ (WBCN Boston) and lead singer of The J. Geils Band. The song “How Do You Know” asks the universe a rhythmic tongue-and-cheek question with plenty of goob-alator on it. (Check it out below and you’ll hear what I mean.)