Music Discovery: August 2016

With summer still going in full force, we’ve pulled together a list of some of our favorite summer jams and summer related songs from 2016. Check out the playlist for the soundtrack for your summer, whether you plan to spend it on the beach, or on a road trip. Plus, one of our music supervisors, Blake Kirpes, has selected a few of his favorites to share below and they are definitely worth checking out!


Artist: Whitney

Twitter: @whitneytheband

Track: No Matter Where We Go

If you get a chance to see this band live, do it! I saw them live last week at the Sunset Tavern in Seattle, and they were amazing! This is my favorite summer song for hanging around the house or taking a drive. This is a timeless track that sounds as if was written 30 years ago or 10 years from today.


Artist: Avalanches

Twitter: @TheAvalanches

Track: Subways

The thought of “subways” doesn’t necessarily make me think of summer, but the instrumentation and vocals stylings on this song sound like the best summer day ever!!


Artist: Jagwar Ma

Twitter: @JagwarMa

Track: O B 1

The brand new single, “O B 1” from Australian duo Jagwar Ma is great single for any time of year, but it’s mid-July release date and chorus refrain, “You warm me up, you wore me down, I get the feeling now, You warm me up, you warm me up” makes it perfect for any summer playlist.


Artist: Hinds

Twitter: @hindsband

Track: San Diego

If you looking for a fun, summer-y, jangly indie rock record this is it! The new album “Leave Me Alone” from Madrid’s all female group Hinds contains hit after hit! In watching their live video performances, I don’t know that I have ever seen a band smile so much, or seemingly have so much fun while playing.


Artist: Beck

Twitter: @beck

Track: Wow

Beck comes through with another huge summer single! Last year it was “Dreams” and this year it’s “Wow”. This track simultaneously sounds super fresh, and like it could came straight off his 1996 album “Odelay”. I guess that is why Beck is Beck.