12 Days of Music: A Review of Wilder Adkins’ Album Hope & Sorrow

Artist: Wilder Adkins

Album: Hope & Sorrow – Wilder Adkins 2016

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I live for this kind of experience in the sharing of music.  This is the story of bringing you an artist I discovered on vacation with my family in Birmingham, Alabama.  We were at a venue called Moonlight on the Mountain for an in-the-round show with four acoustic artists.  The first three musicians were fairly pedestrian but when it was Wilder Adkins’ turn, we all turned to each other and eyebrows went up.  And each time Wilder had his turn, we became bigger fans.  His voice is so warm, sincere and dripping with honesty.  His lyrics simple but true and make that instant connection that we long for. 

From the song, When I’m Married, “There’s a love that grows between us like a gently creeping vine.” I can’t get that out of my head.  His finger picking is so good, the compositions are perfect and he is so humble with a wicked, dry sense of humor.  More than anything he so easily and effortlessly reaches in and grabs your heart.  Imagine John Prine meets Elliott Smith.  Wow, to bring this from Moonlight on the Mountain to Starbucks stores all over the world was the highlight of the year.